Dec 29, 2010


Well this is it. Time to move on.

I could sum up many things, but the real reason of me leaving is I just not interested in the game anymore.

I just want to thank you all for everything, i just hope you liked this little blog throughout the years. It was fun, now it is not for me, so i'll just take a little me time now, take a little break. There are many awesome and interesting things are in my life, I am gonna to focus on them.
It was a superb ride though, was it not?

Take care guys.

Blog stays *edited
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My thoughts on the ongoing feral nerfs

"I guess we all agree , our own class, just like our character is very dear to us. We all would like to see it viable in pve or in pvp, we all play to have fun.

Wow is a very complex games, features so many mechanics that makes it almost impossible to balance out things, just like we experienced in the past few years.

Maybe we can't give valid opinions, we are all biased when it comes to our class, maybe I'm wrong when i feel we received more nerf than others, we were always weaker, even as a jack-of-all-trades, as a hybrid.

It also does disappoint me, when they tweak around mechanics, that worked for years, defined a class, and somehow people did not have problems with it until now. It seems, berserk accidentally fell under the nerfbat along with the bleeds.

Developers do not (only and at first) look out numbers, they listen to qq posts, they look out for long post threads, just like GM's told me this many many times. This game produces money, and money comes from pleased customers. If changes address customer problems they will happen.

Sometimes I just wish, do not buff us, do not fix those buggy mechanics, do not change the new, and ultraboring and bad 81-85 abilities,

just leave us alone."

also i love you all. thanks for your kind words, and for standing up to me, and for yourself on the forums. you are all amazing. remember that.

Dec 28, 2010

Upcoming feral changes

"Even after we fixed their mastery, Feral druid bleeds still do a lot of damage and are undispellable. We plan to shift some of that damage back to main attacks. They are also a little too hard to control. Given that they are already hard to root, snare, or polymorph, we think the fear immunity from Berserk is too much."

Thank you Blizz. Not like you are destroying my class. Zerk nerf? Okay I've had enough. Fuck this game fuck it. 5 years was enough, I'm outta here.

ps. I am seriously disappointed. As for the moment, I really feel it is time to move on. I'll be giving myself a few days, to think things through with a cool head.

Dec 27, 2010

Xmas PvP, feral thoughts

-team, mmr reset was a really good step, some people was getting rating with terrible negative stats

-looks like catstep was hotfixed? not really sure, but from what i remember i COULD leap over ring of frost in the last few days

-tbh i've had enough of people complaining about ferals. up until now it was a miracle when you saw one in pvp, and now when it is a valid choice for arena, people immediately start to call out for nerfs. which we did receive. too many. survival instincts nerf, -40% bleed nerf, stun nerf, thorns nerf, devs still had not looked at the wild mushrooms and stampeding roar of useless, frenzied regen still bugged

-mages and warriors should be looked upon. colossus smash is funny, when blizz talked about removing armor penetration from the game, and yet, still it exists in its purest form, with a 20 sec cooldown ability, with a 100% armor penetration mechanic. mages have way too many controls. i could even accept the ridiculous ROF, but cold snap ROF is just too much. not like it is on a bad cooldown anyways(2 min).

-even it pains me i have to admit, frost dk dmg is too much(yes im playing with one). full runic power bar, then frost strike spam, obli spam is cleave and pain city. unholy is strong too, but until adequate resilience ratings, burst dmg is sex.

-demonology locks, yuck

-i still think paladins and resto shamans are the best healer choices atm. rdruid is awesome for tree of life duration, maybe will get better due time. priests are rare, still they received quite a few buffs, and not a very bad place now. people still have the impression they are terrible, but with a full resilience, a disc priest can do a very, if now a better job keeping his team alive in arena.

-the server is very competitive, i really like it, there are some personal battles in arena too. what makes me really sad though, is that i can't really devote myself to the game anymore. sometimes it feels like another job, get home, get ratings, get geared you know? well everything ends sooner or later, and i am sure i will be retreating to get my winter teddy sleep once.


are everywhere :) look out

Dec 24, 2010

Reckful 2

New Reckful movie released. I wish mery christmas and happy new year for everyone. BS ballers team2 is rollin' in 2's , rogue(Free)+mage(Thoky) is awesome!

Staff vs. Polearm

"For pvp weapons, get the polearm. We have ONE ability that scales based off our weapons damage, and that is fury swipes, which is a 15% chance per auto to deal 310% weapon damage. That means you want a weapon with the highest damage, not dps. The polearm does ~3.5k top end damage, staff ~1.8k. They do the same dps, but the polearm will cause your fury swipes to hit much harder. They also both have the same stats, so yeah. Get the polearm."
from AJ

Dec 20, 2010

DK Shadow Infusion

you can stack it in prepa room.
start with dark transformed ghoul.

Dec 17, 2010

4.0.3 mage skills


85 pvp thoughts

-feral dmg is still good , even with nerf
-double dd setups not really viable anymore(exceptions i met so far, sp+frostdk,sp+fmage)
-restoshaman-feral is very very good(so far)(we even played against this setup as feral-rog, and we only won 1 out of 3, and i confident we played our best in wow history to achieve that(incombat saps,cyclonecyclonebash,avoid fake heal focus kick real heal, restealth as ff wears off twice etc))

-warrior damage is way too high (globaling 30ks), colossus smash needs a nerf
-mage damage is way too high (spamming 20k lances)
-destro damage is way too high (30k conflags)

-new bgs are nice, simple, fun

-druids need 80-85 ability fixes badly
-hybrids are dead, heals are inferior (my aura heals me for 5k~, while my regrowth heals me for 6k with a 6k mana cost, regrowth hot ticking for 400~, nourish heals for 3-4k, regrowth hot heals for 1.5k, healing touch heals for 10k)
-mana management is the most important thing for healers now

Dec 14, 2010


Finally I achieved the 85! Now I start to practicing how to use the smokebomb.

Skull Bash changes

  • Both Bear and Cat Form versions of Skull Bash are no longer able to be used to get to a target when there is no valid path available.
I hope this only fixes the charge bug, and won't remove the mini charge possibility.

Roar before stealth

You can stealth before you get into combar from S.Roaring other players.
If they are in combat, and you buff them, of course you get into combat too.

But there is a delay, so in cat form, you can get into stealth sooner before combat affects you and it would prevent you from stealthing.

Dec 13, 2010

Level 85 Feral

So we raced against each otherwith Lorinel who is gonna be 85 sooner, and even I did it was a mixed experience.

First, the new content is very good. Loved the mission, loved the zones, I really enjoyed it. Money spent on this is well spent.

Level 85, as for me, as a feral is a total disappointment. I still don't really wrapped my head around the shear amount of letdowm I felt, when i dinged and trained my last ability, Wild Mushroom.
Of course it was just a last in a series of bad and useless mechanic, since I've started leveling.

Lvl 81 Thrash is a weak 6 sec dot you can cast in bear, it still needs a target (else it could be semi-useful against stealthers). As for tanking it is okay, but just like the upcoming, the rest of new druid abilities, lacks any kind of innovation and fresh ideas.

That is what Lvl 83 ability confirms even more. A 8 yard sprint buff for 6 (!) seconds. Most of the time people are not even realizing there was any kind of speed buff on them, it is that weak. And when i told Lori the buff time, he simply laughed out loud on ventrilo.

And here we are. Lvl 85. Wild Mushrooms. 0.5 sec cast time. Only usable in caster form. Has a 6 seconds trigger effect before goes invisible.
3 yard detonate range.
Yes you read that right. 3 yard.

Also, no longer triggers when somebody steps on it.

Terrible, terrible. When I think about other class abilities, which make the game experience richer and so much more fun, I only can feel downright jealous. Ring of Frost, D.Simalucrum, Spiritwalker's Grace...

Our damage is still good. Bleeds hit hard, new kick and stampede ravage is godly. Played a little feral/rogue action, even I have to be very careful (more of this in a few rows), it is fun and cc city. 1v1'd with a DK in Tol Barad, 25k obliterates hurt. I won but it was very very close.

Most of the 'constantly dying' problem comes from a simple mechanic. Healing.
Heaing simply doesn't exists for hybrids anymore. It is a pure healing class mechanic (and a very problematic even for them too). I heal for 6k's with a 6k mana cost (out of 24 k mana pool) 13ks with healing touches (when all the stars align) when mere dots eat that healamount away while out in caster form. What bothers me, that DK, Lock and even Warrior healing seems to be strong, maybe even stronger than my mana based heals. So you have a 100k hp pool, you go and try to kill something before they put you down.
It is a dumbed down game, a dumbed down talent tree, with dumb boring new abilities.

Quote of the Day

"Atleast Mages have to set up their damage."

Dec 10, 2010

Spacesaver macros

Thrash and Swipe in 1 macro
/castsequence reset=6 Trash(Bear Form), Swipe(Bear Form), Thrash(Bear Form), Swipe(Bear Form)

Powershift reminder
/cast [stance:0]!Travel Form;[stance:0/4/6,flyable,nocombat]!Flight Form;[stance:1]!Dire Bear Form;[stance:2]!Aquatic Form;[stance:3]!Cat Form;[stance:4]!Travel Form;[stance:5]!Tree of Life;!Moonkin


I chose Vash'yr, and I really like it. Still 82 though.
Quests are funny and enjoyable.

As for 85 and pvp, I saw some class duels in front of Orgri, pretty sure there will be hotfixes.
New spells and skills just like Ring of Frost is godly, fun and give new mechanics-control types to other classes, while all new druid abilities are bad.

I mean: bad, weak, boring, disappointing: (

Dec 6, 2010

Engineering upgrades

Feral Combat - loots

no heroic, no str based gear, not full list.
Blackrock Caverns
Grim Batol
Halls of Origination
The Stonecore
Throne of Tides
Vortex Pinnacle
Lost City of Tol’Vir
The Deadmines
Shadowfang Keep

My ideal 85 feral

Won't be asking for crazy op things, just a few fixes here and there and I would really enjoy druid. I was always more into control and new spell-ability combos, but that not really is what we are getting.

-Swipe bear offcd, rage req is enough.
-Swipe bear doesn't need targets to be castable.
-Thrash doesn't need targets to be castable.
-Catstep is fully a leap mechanic(can jump over Ring of Frost, cuz atm you cannot).
-Savage Defense again to proc from dots.
-Frenzied Regen extra hp stay when leaving bear form.
-Instant root down't consume Predatory Swiftness.
-Mushroom detonate affects more then 3 yards, and instant maybe with a cd.

Feral - Mage

This setup looks good. Mages are getting so much control in Cata, you could really exploit it.
Anybody thought about cyclone -> ring of frost combo (activate 2 secs before cyclone fades to ensure a nice 10 sec stun)->poly->root?
I still will probably playing feral rog and feral priest(shaman) again, but the possibilities are endless. Thunderstorm into Ring of Frost, bleed up -> dragons breath -> big nuke -> maim -> counterspell.

Can't wait for expansion: )

Dec 3, 2010


Action Bar Saver2
A great addon to save positions of abilities and macros, and load them on demand after spec change or talent resets.
A simplistic minimap. Square style.
An addon no druid can live without. Highly configurable, contains many modules, easy to setup. It simply has it all.
A cache using Inspect addon, with additional gear and stat numbers.
An outdated, informative and addon handling panel addon. Check out Bazooka, it is similar but more modern.
Another outdated, trinketmenu addon. I am using it for many years now, it makes itemswaps so much more easier. It also can queue up swaps, finish it when you leave combat. Also handles gearsets.
A pretty new addon, which shows the duration of configurable cc's on you. Easier to spot, follow.
Miks Scrolling Battle Text
A controversial addon. Some hate it, some love it. I am in the last branch. My favorite function in it, are the custom created triggers which give you a lot of freedom in announcements and alerts. That's how my Skull Bash trigger was born: )
Cooldown tracker. Also shows remaining cc durations on enemy profile pictures.
Bag addon. Bigger, more managable.
Recoloring out of range abilities, macros.
A beautiful, informative nameplate addon.
A castbar addon, which I use mostly for its focus bar. Highly configurable.

Dec 2, 2010

HTF3 easter eggs

-berserk only used twice in the video
-3 songs, 3 parts, tribute to third movie
-3x3 min length (well 8:54 due to rendering)
-first video without trance music
-no duels with Free in this one (he was the only rogue who could and did kick my ass (not using stealth in duels since patch))
-the guild-bg team Resilient Victory achievement, and win from planned losing position in bg scenes
-last part, tribute to parachute cloak bug, now fixed
-wordfade anims and scenes are synchronized to music beats
-cyclone death coil, warstomp vanish were planned scenes since HTF1
-the addon you can see in the middle, right above the h.action bar is Droodfocus. Its configuration took 4 hours. Then after a random DC another 4 hours. : )
-chat texts after 1v3 win

Nov 30, 2010


My often used macros, maybe you can find something useful too. Let's start with something easy. Shred-Ravage macro.
/cast [nostealth] Shred; [stealth] Ravage

Thorns macro, modifier for buffing the friendly target the enemy is attacking (targeting).
#showtooltip Thorns
/cast [modifier:alt,target=targettarget] Thorns
/cast [modifier:shift] Thorns

Skull Bash
/cast [target=mouseover,harm,nomodifier] [stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form);[stance:3]Skull Bash(Cat Form)
/cast [target=mouseover,harm,nomodifier] [stance:1] Skull Bash(Bear Form);[stance:1]Skull Bash(Bear Form)

Focus Skull Bash.
#showtooltip skull bash(cat form)
/cast [target=focus][stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form)
/cast [target=focus][stance:1] Skull Bash(Bear Form)

My simple mouseover-target catstep macro. Using the same idea for bearcharge.
/cast [target=mouseover,harm][Cat Form] Feral Charge(Cat Form); [Cat Form] Feral Charge(Cat Form)
/cast [Cat Form] Feral Charge(Cat Form)

Mouseover-target rootmacro!
#showtooltip Entangling Roots
/cast [target=mouseover,harm] Entangling Roots;Entangling Roots
/cast [nomodifier:shift,exists,harm] Entangling Roots

Bearmangle-maul combined, shift for pyro, ctrl for focus target pyro.
#showtooltip Mangle
/use [modifier:ctrl, nostealth, target=focus,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift, target=mouseover,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift] 10
/cast Maul
/cast Mangle

My formswapping macros. Double press for weapon reswap.(more like pressing it like crazy anyways xd) Same idea for cat form.
/use [nomodifier,nostance:1]!Bear Form
/equip [stance:1] Wrathful Gladiator's Staff
/equip [stance:1] Idol of Mutilation

My "sap"-pounce macro, based on rogue macro. It even made it's way into wowwiki by someone(credits for me, so bashful thanks). Clears targets continuously, pouncing on nearby stealthers.
/cleartarget [noexists]
/targetenemy [noexists]
/cast Pounce
/cast [nostealth] !Prowl

Pounce/Mangle/Pyro macro combined. Shift for normal, ctrl for focus pyro. :)
#showtooltip 10
/use [modifier:ctrl, nostealth, target=focus,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift, target=mouseover,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift] 10
/cast [nomodifier,stealth] Pounce; [nomodifier,nostealth] [Cat Form] Mangle(Cat Form)
/startattack [nostealth]

I pretty much use mouseover in every macro, makes my life more simple, especially at clutch moments or quick fleeing situations(bearcharge out). Have fun, hope I could post some useful info for you guys :)

Nov 29, 2010

Nov 25, 2010

How to Feral 3 is Finished!


Cataclysm Azeroth World Map (Start Here!) Annotation Adventure!

Warlock Soulburn (45sec cd)

Summon Demon + Soul Burn = summon the demon instantly.

Drain Life + Soul Burn = Reduces cast speed by 60%.

Demonic Circle + Soul Burn = Increases movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds after teleporting.

Unstable Affliction + Soul Burn = Instantly deals damage equal to 30% of its effect.

Soul Fire + Soul Burn = Instant cast.

Healthstone + Soul Burn = Increases total health by 20% for 8 seconds.
Searing Pain + Soul Burn = Increases the crit chance by 100%, and subsequent Searing Pains by 50% for 6 seconds.

Seed of Corruption + Soul Burn = Detonation will afflict Corruption on all enemy targets and refund the Soul Shard.

4.0.3.a hotfixes

The damage done by the following abilities has been reduced by approximately 17%: Mangle (Bear), Maul, Lacerate, Pulverize, Swipe (Bear), Thrash.

With this, Lacerate, Swipe and Thrash is nerfed to the ground.

Nov 24, 2010

Last HTF3 release preparations

Everything falls into place, as editing is finalized.

1280*960 HQ quality.
Length is 8:54.
Stereo AC3 sound stream.
Music: Metal.
Encoded by x264, custom options (maxed out), lanczos4 sharpness, no noise blurring.
Intro is very short. (separate highlights, scenes not included in movie)
Pure, adrenaline driven, feral pvp 3.3-4.0.1 (duels, arena and battlegrounds).
1v1 1vx 2v2 2vx.

Final rendering starts on Friday, uploading planned for Saturday, WCM nod and release on Monday.

Thank you for your patience, support. Without it, the project never would've started or finished.

Nov 23, 2010

Latest druid changes

* Bear Form now provides 10% bonus health, down from 20%.
* Nourish no longer consumes Omen of Clarity.
* Rejuvenation has had its mana cost increased by 30%.
* Soothe now has a 1.5-second cast time.
* Swipe (Cat Form) can now be used even if the druid does not have a primary target selected.
* Thorns: beginner tooltip revised to no longer imply the spell could be kept up at all times. In addition, Thorns damage has been reduced by 60%.


* Brutal Impact now increases the mana cost of spells on the victim by 5/10% for 10 seconds, down from 15/30%.
* Leader of the Pack now heals for 4%, down from 8%.
* Survival Instincts now provides 50% damage reduction, down from 60%, and its cooldown has been lowered from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
* Swipe (Bear Form) damage has been reduced by 20%.
* Vengeance is no longer cleared on exiting Bear Form, and instead is cleared upon entering Cat Form.
* Heart of the Wild: the Bear Form Stamina bonus from this talent is now 2/4/6%, down from 3/7/10%.

Also I saw some stampede ravage tooltip correction, and that Predator's Swiftness not only makes casts instant but removes mana cost on those spells.
I will look into that once I'm home.

Nov 18, 2010


pounce blink catstep presurviintinct deep freeze ice lance spam
powershift mangle rake rip IB heal CS mangle root blink DF#2 more ice lance spam trinket catstep ravage rake rip
somebody dies

welcome to the OVERLY DIFFICULT pvp world of 4.0.3

seriously i am so disappointed in the road blizz has taken. they dumbed this while game down. terrible.. terrible...

Red Band Trailer: Faster

Finally, the Rock is back in an action movie he deserves. Walking Tall was also a favorite of mine, can't wait for this either.

Nov 16, 2010

Worgen or not worgen

awww Free why do you have to bring this up!
dont know.

awesome community, gifted pvp players, and long bg queue times on horde side
awesome worgen form on the other hand.

PSPdisp v0.5

I still love my little PSP, even though I rarely use it. Functionalities like this, really show what possibilities are out there even with the tiniest of consoles.

Know your enemy

Over at, there is a new BM talent compilation post, contains excellent tips on bm hunter dmg rotations and metholodogy.

Nov 13, 2010

Regarding the F.Regen issue

It gives HP but instantly takes it away when leaving Bear Form. If you used it for a quick HP boost, and swapped back to Cat, it reduces your ORIGINAL HP by 30%.


I found something interesting on the new battlenet forum.
Xanaroth's brainstorming:

"Just posting it here so it doesnt get forgotten (tough i doubt it will). As you all know, rogue stealth is currently weaker then it was previously and no fix has yet been announced.

During 4.0.1 MoD was removed, and it was stated to become baseline for all rogue's (stealth 65, 50 regular and 15 from talent). Cat druids would still get 50 with another 15 possible trough talents. That way, both classes would have identical stealth but the druid (being hybrid) would have to pay something extra for it.

Post 4.0.1 rogue stealth is actually 40 (so thats down, rather then up) with the druids as promised on 50 baseline with 15 trough talents. This makes a druid stealth (both with and without talent) superior to the rogue's.

As for sources on the value's or exact explanations or demo's.. just google it, there's literally dozens of topics and sites reporting this bug with detailed information."

Soo that's the reason how can every fuckin feral found me in stealth... Interesting and annoying, cuz the druid is hybrid class, but the rogue isn't. We are specialised to stealth, especially as sub, our strength is the opening (found weakness, master of sub.). I really hope this just a bug as Xanaroth said, not a new rogue "stuff".

the Facebook connection

It is time to go global: ) During the next few days, based on any free time I get, will be updating and chiseling the new relationship between the blog and FB. Updates, announcments are incoming, be sure to check back and join us testing and, hopefully enjoying the new functions very soon.

you can reach the FB page here:!/pages/Beast-of-Bloodscalp/170282409666020
Beast of Bloodscalp

Nov 12, 2010

Lvl 85 mage food

- Level 85 conjured food restores 92307 hp and 127500 mana over 30 sec.

Thats approx. 3k hp per sec.

Ring of Frost

I collected a few guidelines about the new level 83 mage spell. It has a pretty big aoe effect, persists for 12 secs, active for 9 secs, which is instantly freezing enemies stepping onto the perimeter of the spell (not the center).

"It appears to be working like so:

- Once the ring coalesces, anything that touches the ring's perimeter (marked on the ground with a big circular rune) is frozen for ten seconds. This is a Deep Freeze-style freeze, the target is frozen solid and it does not break on damage.

- The target is currently not being treated as Frozen for purposes of Shatter/Frostburn.

- The center of the ring is not active. Only touching the perimeter triggers the freeze."

I am still wondering if charging through activates the freeze on you, most likely catstep avoides it but bearcharge won't work. Dunno about Skull Bash.

"- When a player gets affected by RoF a 2e time the duration isn't reduced, it's always 10 seconds.
- Players can only get affected by RoF 2 times after that they become immune (mobs don't have this limit)
- Any damage will breaks RoF
- The freezing effect isn't seen as the target being frozen and both shatter and Ice Lance don't gain bonus from this
- The first 3 seconds of casting RoF players wont get effectected.
- After the 3 seconds players will get instantly frozen when standing on the line (there is a server delay which will allow you to keep walking for 1-2seconds, but you will get frozen.
- A warrior Charging / Intercepting through it will get frozen.
- A warrior using Heroic Leap can avoid getting frozen
- unknow how it will react to deathgrip, Leap of Fate, shadowstep and the feral druid leap attack."

Changes to Ring of Frost tests Patch 13117
- The target is now considered Frozen
- The Iced effect breaks after a certain amount of damage both in PVE and PVP. This breaking point is lower than Hex/ Frostnova
- RoF cooldown has been reduced to 2 minutes

-Some abilities have been retested or added in a newer patch, the old list has been updated with indication of this
- A druid using Feralcharge(bear) through RoF will get Iced
- A druid using Feralcharge(cat) through RoF will get Iced
+ A warlock Metamorphisis can use Demon Leap through RoF without getting Iced
- A palading using Hand of Freedom through RoF will get Iced
+ A shaman can use Spirit Walk from Spirit Wolves to become immune to getting Iced for 4 sec (retested and unchanged in patch 13117)

Ring of Frost tests Patch 13066
Okey I continued my testing and also retested a few things when I heard some conflicting statements. These are my findings:

-The ability encases the target in Ice, the target isn’t frozen and it’s best compared to the Hunters Freezing Trap (alternatively: polymorph / fear)………….I’ll call this effect Iced for now
- As noted, the Iced effect isn't seen as the target being frozen and both shatter and Ice Lance don't gain bonus from this
- Any damage will break the Iced effect of RoF
- *A target player can only be Iced 3 times and is effected by Diminishing Returns DR).
- The Iced effect is on shared DR with Polymorph

- The first 3 seconds of casting RoF being casts won’t do anything on enemies.
- After the 3 seconds players will get instantly frozen when standing on the line (there is a server delay which will allow you to keep walking for 1-2seconds, but you will get frozen.
-edit: The Iced effect is not considered magic and can't be dispelled, mass dispell doesn't work either

*bold = In my previous results I posted it wasn’t on DR, after another test it seemed it is on DR and shared with Polymorph.

How certain Class abilities interact with RoF
+ = won’t get Iced, it’s a counter against RoF
- = will get Iced, it doesn’t counter RoF

+ A deathknight can use Anti-Magic Shell through RoF without getting Iced
- A deathknight using Deathgrip won’t cause the target to get Iced if it passes through RoF
+ Untestested if pet leapattack can avoid RoF, I expect it can
? Untested Anti-Magic Zone

- A druid using Feralcharge(bear) through RoF will get Iced (changed, patch 13117)
- A druid using Feralcharge(cat) through RoF will get Iced (changed, patch 13117)

+ A hunter can use Disengage through RoF without getting Iced
+ A hunter can use Deflect and to become immune to getting Iced
- A hunter using Beast within will get Iced, the pet will get Iced as well
Is Beast within bugged?

+ A mage can Blink through RoF without getting Iced
- A mage can’t Blink out of the Iced effect

- A palading using Hand of Freedom through RoF will get Iced (patch 13117)
+ Bubles have been untested, I expect them to work against RoF

- A priest using Leap of Faith doesn’t cause the target to get Iced should it pass through RoF

+ A rogue can use Shadowstep through RoF without getting Iced
+ A rogue can use Cloak of Shadow to become immune to getting Iced
- A rogue using Sprint through RoF will get Iced
- A rogue in stealth will get Iced by RoF

+ A shaman can use Spirit Walk from Spirit Wolves to become immune to getting Iced for 4 sec (retested and unchanged in patch 13117)

+ A warlock can use Demonic Circle through RoF without getting Iced
+ A warlock Metamorphisis can use Demon Leap through RoF without getting Iced (changed, patch13117)
- A warlock Felgaurd using Persuit through RoF will get Iced
- A warlock Imp using Singe won’t remove the Iced effect
- A warlock Imp using Flee won’t remove the Iced effect
Is the Imp’s Flee ability bugged? It doesn’t seem to remove frostnova or Deepfreeze either.

+ A warrior using Heroic Leap through RoF can avoid getting Iced
- A warrior Charging / Intercepting through RoF will get Iced.
- Spellreflect untested, I expect it to not work

General assumption:
If it’s a buble ability that affects magic debufs you will be immune to RoF.
If the displace(charge/blink like) ability doesn’t have a travel time or the ability has an animation where it doesn’t touch the ground, the player won’t get frozen by passing through the RoF.
The exception to this rule is druid Feralcharge(bear) and warlock Demon Leap. The shaman Spirit Walk is an exception as well, which is odd since RoF isn’t a root."

Feral 3v3 - Cataclysm Beta

Rogue nerf

Sadly, it was expected.

* Recuperate now restores 2% of maximum health every 3 sec, down from 3%.


* Mastery: Executioner no longer affects the effectiveness of Recuperate.

Nov 11, 2010

Cataclysm Beta PvP - LvL 85 Arena and more with Retri and Warlock

Feral-Rog in Cata?

've got one word for it, Deadly.
From what I've seen, it will be a valid and strong combo.

Not that I'd play anything else (well okay maybe a few priest feral games here and then, ey Blipz?:) ).

Cata hp amounts are around 100k, things seem to be slowing down, harder to kill anything now. But combining the new and old abilities one cannot help but to brainstorm about tactics.

Garrote+Pounce(on mages preferably)-Kidney- Sstep+Catstep on Blink
Sap(10)-Sap(5)-Sap(2.5)-Garrote(5sec silence)-Cyclone(6)-Cyclone(3)-Bash(5)-Blind(10,glyphed clears dots)

Nov 10, 2010

Troll drood flight form

It's look pretty cool I think :P something new, and something oldscool. Cuz it's looks some other way then the elf, tauren or worgen forms, and reminds me to the good old warcraft 3's bat raider. That's cool :D!

Nov 8, 2010

Freelól vs. Starmist

the unthinkable happened, Free beat me like 10 times in a row, forcing me to actually go stealth for duels :)
damn it was annoying, he was playing ultra agressive. 1 Cheap Shot and i was on 9k hp down from 37-48k.
The trick seems to be utilizing the subtetly talent, armor ignore proc coming out of stealth. It also activates during shadowdance, and makes the rogue's attacks to bypass 50% armor for 10 seconds. Ambushes crit for 6-8k's, Eviscerate's for 10-12k's.
Barkskin absorbes little against it, and that Survival Instinct will fade quickly against evasion tanking.
Frenzied Regen's weakness also kicks in, you still lose the buff coming out of bear form.

Most of the rog cd's on 1 minute cd, which makes long fights also very dangerous.
But the most problem is with the insane burst start.

but that is the way how rogue should be played, and I'm glad i get to practice against this, against a gifted player, and against a friend.: )

Druid/hunter vs Priest/Warr 2v2 Cata Beta

Cataclysm enchants

Those the new enchants in the cataclysm, the effects are very cool, but some is too atractive imho.
The physical dps's enchant is look soo awesome and the 1k ap sound's good (dunno how scaling the AP in the cata)

Nov 5, 2010

Feral bugs, problems,weaknesses 4.0

-innervate is useless (130 mana per tick!)
-regrowth hot is a joke
-nourish is useless
-pvp gloves still not redusing SB rage requirement correctly (-1 instead of -10)
-LB duration increased, even less burst heals (tho functionality is great, 200 mana on 1 stack its good, just ticks for 10secs instead of 6)
-no more cc reducing talents, full fears
-no more stun defense in cat
-cannot use some potions in forms
-cannot shift out of polymorphs (instant hexes)
-very low on mana
-predator swiftness buff consumed in glyphed root casts
-last stand only in bear, shifting loses buff, this was the same problem with old SI
-SI (its more of a controller thing, you have to use it before incoming burst)
-pulverize buff only in bear

other things
-still no skirmishes
-still no arena water

shadowdance rogue in cata

Only 2v2 scenes as rogue/rogue, rogue/mage, rogue/feral !! and rogue/priest. And almost forget... I hate the goblins, undeads for eva!

Self-healing abilities nerfed

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Leader of the Pack now causes you to heal for 4% of your total health and gain 4% of your maximum mana. Down from 8%.
As for feral, it is a real pity cuz they also nerfed mana regen in LOTP: (

Nov 4, 2010

Newest Rogue and Feral changes!



  • Backstab now deals 150% weapon damage, down from 200%.
  • Bandit's Guile now increases damage to the target by up to 30%. (Up from 15%)
  • Aggression now increases damage of Sinister Strike, Backstab, and Eviscerate by 7/14/20%, up from 5/10/15%.

  • Redirect now also redirects any insight gained from Bandit's Guile.
  • Mastery: Executioner now increases damage done by all your finishing moves, and the effectiveness of your Slice and Dice and Recuperate abilities, by 16%, down from 20%.

  • Slice and Dice now increases the duration of Slice and Dice by 6 sec, up from 3 sec.


  • Mangle (Bear Form) now deals 360% normal damage, up from 230%.
  • Bear Form now increases Stamina by 10%, down from 25%.
  • Survival Instincts now reduces damage taken by 50%, down from 60%. Cooldown changed to 3 min, down from 5 min.
  • Savage Defense now reduces damage from the next physical attack that strikes you by 35% of your attack power, down from 65%.

  • Rejuvenation now costs 26% of base mana, up from 20% of base mana.
  • Revitalize is now a 2 Ranks talent, down from 3 Ranks. Now has a 20% chance to proc at all ranks, now regenerates 1/2% of your total mana (down from 3%) and cannot occur more than once every 12 sec (up from 6 sec).
  • Heart of the Wild now increases your Stamina in bear form by 2/4/6%, down from 3/7/10%.

These changes on beta ofc. I'm always happy if I see a healer nerf! Sub rogue nerf is acceptable cuz it's not soo huge. Dunno about the ferals, they are buffing the dmg and balancig(?) or nerfing the survivability... interesting. (source:

Nov 1, 2010

Dragon Age Origins - Trailer - Warden's Calling - Xbox360/PS3

still badass

About 4.0.1 skirmishes

Warriors 4.0.1

are getting stronger, now they are already a threat in pvp. If you wanna see it in action I recommend the latest warrior movie on wcm,
It is pretty good.

From what i've seen, some things to look out for.
Arms warrs are based all around of Mortal Strike. A successfully landed MS provides, crit chance, and often a damage increase enrage (10%all damage 30% on next MS or overpower).
Rend is a good bleed, and still resets Overpower's cd (which is on a +60% talented crit chance).
There are no Blitz-ing warriors yet, but you can get ready for that at 85. Charge will stun 3 nearby targets.

Everyone uses Intercept glyph. 4 sec stun with range is very very good. At first i was like "oh not trinketting this i can tank it". Well no more reduced dmg in cat while stunned (or fera dura decrease qq), so it is a risky business.

Self and incoming healing on warriors is also strong. They have 20% extra generated self heals from talent and 6% extra healing from outher sources.
Blood craze, second wind and enraged regeneration and Victory Rush(20% instant self heal of max hp) can keep alive a warrior insanely well.

Zen told me Execute is actually useful now and he is hitting 10k+ with every landed xecute.
Knockdown is another 5 sec stun for warrs,on a 45 sec cd. improved hamstring is now not a proc, but applied on the second stacked hamstring (5secs).

Bladestorm is weak atm, you better worry about all the other abilities mentioned.

So it seems, the class is morphing into, what it supposed to be. Masters of combat in many aspect, challenging enemies. I like that.

a possible 85 talent for warrs by me(lol):

Also big hey out to Honkl and the Burning Blade wsg premade, which was our only loss yesterday!: )

Oct 30, 2010

Minecraft Fanmade Trailer

brace yourselves cuz this is something very offtopic :)) my friend is playing this strange game atm, what really got me how many possibilities there can be in one, so simple game.

Oct 29, 2010


:( Let me take a peek into my magic orb, and say this is the first of the upcoming many.
  • Savage Defense is massively overpowered on beta and has been dealt with accordingly. Many of the reports of beta raid bosses two-shotting tanks were because that was how much damage the bosses needed to do in order to challenge Feral tanks. With less damage absorbed, the boss damage can be adjusted downwards. We've reduced the multiplier for attack power on the absorption effect (from 65% to 35%, still modified by mastery) and it no longer procs from periodic critical hits. (removing periodic proc chance is BAD BAD BAD )

  • Bear Form -- Stamina bonus lowered from 20% to 10% and Heart of the Wild health bonus from 10% to 6%. Bear health should be close to plate tank health with this change.(bah not this again)

  • Survival Instincts -- Damage reduction changed from 60% to 50%. Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes. Duration still 12 seconds.(sounds like a good tradeoff, but i will miss that extra 10%)

Oct 28, 2010

1.5 Soothe

is now a 1.5 sec cast to dispel all enrage effects. As feral this became even more useless than before. A caster form swap and downtime is already penalty to feral gameplay, people won't be casting 1-5 sec soothes just to dispel random or 1-2 enrage effects. N o w a y.

Feral at 85?

I worry.
Damage will be more or less equalized for all classes, and i am afraid ferals won't be bringing much other than mediocre damage and mediocre(if not bad) cc to 85 pvp.
Other classes will get and use new abilities, new cc's, new strategies while we will be reliant on old, oudated skills.

As I see, mortal effects are down to 10%, things will simply not die. Watched a couple 85 rogue vids, everybody just duels until infinity(premed recuperate, and energy regen for an upcoming shadow dance yay). Not sure how will it play out, how the game will evolve or degenerate.

Time will tell.
Feral for life.

Oct 27, 2010


I am offline for a few days, until account payments are sorted. After that editing continues.
Also I already have a little side project in the corner of my mind. Something interesting. I'm not sure if anybody say Antikrythera Mechanism from Azgaz, it was a sick yet beautiful wow movie. Now that is something I am planning for a few years now. We'll see(it could HTF or HTF3.3). A lot depends on the current movie reception, and how much spare time IRL will give me(which is already not much lol).

Oct 23, 2010


gosh, it's time to finish my Dragon Age Origins save game. good game, good game

Pounce macro 4.0.1

Mangle part was changed, here it is. If you do not have pyro rocket on gloves, delete rows 2-4.

#showtooltip 10
/use [modifier:ctrl, nostealth, target=focus,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift, target=mouseover,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift] 10
/cast [nomodifier,stealth] Pounce; [nomodifier,nostealth] [Cat Form] Mangle(Cat Form)
/startattack [nostealth]

Oct 22, 2010


Hey! My name is Free. I'll try to post many interesting a funny thing (not all warcraft will be) on the blog and about the stealth cleave and rogues and ferals ofc. I hope you guys gonna enjoy my posts and I want to thanks this invitation to Starmist/Pajay! Thanks a lot man!

P.S. my english isn't perfect, sorry about this. I'll try to be understandable!

Oct 20, 2010

HTF3 update

I am in a really bad spot atm with the movie. There are 6 minutes of completed footage done, all featuring patch 3.3 arena scenes.
I was hoping for enabled skirmishes in 4.0.1 to fill out the missing minutes, but all I can include now are bg footages (30min queues are NOT fun BTW) and I am not really sure people want that.
Either that or duels or world pvp. Aaaand .. as feral is way to OP (i can't believe i said that no no dont nerf us!!!:) ) new records has to be somewhat legendary 1vx situations to prevent viewers frown in disappointment (but then again, killing enemy players in seconds and finishing the duel at 100% bah)

So what do you think?
Should I go for duels , world pvp or bg?

Oct 17, 2010


to Shag, for helping me out. After a bg I got a jinx lock physical debuff stuck on the character (-10% energy regen) and he was kind enough to apply another curse of exhaustion on me (as lvl 20!) and make me able to remove it correctly.
also a trinketmenu update blog here: (i love that addon, it makes trinketswapping so easy)

Demolock vs. feral

Oct 16, 2010

Shred Ravage macro 4.0.1

It is driving me nuts, but I still can't do it. Not fully I mean. [stampede] is actually a valid macro modifier.
/cast [stealth] Ravage, [nostealth,stampede] Ravage

btw you can [stampede]Ravage from any directions.
now i need shred in there somehow.

Can't touch me

my class is (dancing) fun!<333

Ravage - Shred macro 4.0.1

/cast [nostealth] Shred; [stealth] Ravage

Oct 14, 2010

Join the darkside

Kill ALL pets.
(they are SQUISHY)

Feral Feedback

First of all <3. style="color: rgb(153, 153, 255);">Bear Form
[Cat Form]Mangle(Cat Form)
[Cat Form]Skull Bash(Cat Form)
#showtooltip ?

I am playing a spec with Pulverize. Pulverize is well mediocre atm. It consumes all Lacerates on target, hits ~Mangle dmg, and the crit buff falls OFF leaving bear form. It has no cd which is good tho.
Lacerate ticks are very low now, but they refresh mangle-bear.
Maul is now a 30 rage cost attack which hits for nice dmg. Mangle is also good even with its cd.
I reforged all my items for Mastery. I have 16~ points in it which is a huge buff to all dots. Bleeds crit for 5ks~, more then my direct dmg Shred.
Instant root is awesome, but do consumes Pstrike proc charges which is bad.
I can tranquility for 6ks and it even gives a hot effect too now.
You can unleash a world of pain (as everyone else) in seconds. Go for big FBs and Stampede Ravages. Use Bash instead of Maim(35 energy is a lot).

Thorns. Well lol. Still not sure EU servers was featuring nerfed or not nerfed version of Thorns around 3am, but I was literally killing myself on Balance Druids. It is hitting 2-3k per hit, balance was only using natures grasp, barkskin and thorns the whole duel lol. On the other hand, rogues died hitting me too.

Stealth. Is now equal for all classes. I could and did open on rogues. Nice!

Skull Bash. Now this is something that brings tears to the eyes. Not for only it a very good interrupt, but it is a second mini charge. It has 13 yards range, which is awesome. I am using a mouseover macro for this too.

Pvp gloves. It only reduces Cat Form Skull Bash energy cost now, Bear Form is still 14 rage (LOT).

Casters are tough. Fire mage dmg is high, frost mages can chain ILance you for 6ks. Deep Freeze is pretty much = death.
Warriors are.. sorry pathetic. I had brought Snoei 100-0 down in seconds no matter how we fought. Their knockdown is good (5secs) but they practically do no dmg , they cannot keep up with the insane bursts now out there.

So go out, practice a lot, swap strategies (and reforge stats) and be prepared that everyone has insane, improved damage. (hello Starsurge, hello Chaos Bolt!!!)

Oct 13, 2010

Opener combo

"The opener combo of Stealth Charge --> pounce --> auto-crit ravage --> mangle --> shred --> TF --> FB/rip is downright brutal opener damage."

Bugs and first US reactions about ferals

"My roots are aoe, not sure why.
Stampede buff activates but doesn't enable ravage.
Can't learn insect swarm
If you glyph roots and get a PS proc, casting an instant roots will waste your PS proc (even though the roots has no cast time).
Glove bonus only reduces rage cost of SB by 1 instead of 10. Energy component is fine."

Looks like we all should be prepared that this buff will nerf feral more than buff it. Mewn said even we had gained a kick, we lost like 30% damage and ferals have to sacrifice a pile of stats to convert it to mastery. Which almost gives back our ORIGINAL damage.
Mages are ice lance spam killing ferals 100-0 in one Deep Freeze. So spell damage will be out of hands just as expected.

More will be know when EU servers are up, or when more AJ posts come in.

Skulll Bash macros

I've spent an hour setting up macros, empty slots for the new abilities, sőell ids for the addons yesterday. Char is as ready as it can be for the patch. I am arriving home very late, so until then here are a few tips and macros for all of you.

Focus SB

/cast [stance:1, target=focus, modifier:alt] Skull Bash(Bear Form): [stance:1] Skull Bash(Bear Form)
/cast [stance:3, target=focus, modifier:alt] Skull Bash(Cat Form): [stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form)

#showtooltip skull bash
/cast [target=focus][stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form)
/cast [target=focus][stance:1] Skull Bash(Bear Form)

/cast [stance:1]Skull Bash(Bear Form);[stance:3]Skull Bash(Cat Form)

Oct 12, 2010

HTF3 sneak peek

just a few seconds. more is coming.


is the big day. Unfortunately we didn't have time to break 2-2k nor time to even play.. Neans is pretty overwhelmed with studies, and me well my mom is not feeling okay. I am worried about her. 2 more weeks since the hospital analyzes her samples..
just worried..dammit.

4.1 - Pvp oriented, detailed class review

Blood DKs: Feels like they are gonna be a heavy hitter tank specs, with nice health regenation and defensive abilities. Many %based damage reduction. Death Strike heals upon the amount of preceding attacks in the last 5 secs (min 10% healing of hp), Dancing R weapon also gives 20% extra parry. Blood Presence is now the tanking presence.
Frost DKs:I imagine hardcore frost dks as a twohand weapon wielding class with high runic power and rune regeneration. Also they have a lot of melee haste , and upgraded damage on the new, instant Rune Strike, and Festering Strike (which extends dot durations on target).COI is now a static 60% movement speed decrease effect.
Unholy DKs:Reduced global in u. presence, increased speed by 15%.Plus damage on Plague Strike, Death Coil(:() and on all diseases in general.Very long durations on diseases too.Pretty much dot and Death Coil based attacks, also there is a stackin 10% pet damage buffs up to 5 stacks, where it can be transformed into a Monstrosity. This mutation causes the pet to be able stun for 4 secs, interrupt spellcasts also immobilizing targets.

Glyphs to look out for:
Strangulate: 2 more seconds on the silence effect
Pillar of Frost : persisting pvp trinket effect while rooted in place. can and will Death Coil

Balance Druids: Starsurge with spellstorm damage. No more knockdown. Reduced Innervate effect. 2 sec cyclone cast. Soothe now dispels all enrage effects on target (already macroed it).Faerie Fire now stacks up to 3. Thorns is now based on AP or SP whichever is higher, and acts like a mini retaliation.Moonfire now lasts 12 secs. Insect Swarm is now trainable.
Feral Druids:Cheap shapeshifting.Lacerate now stacks up to 3.Savage Def now procs 50% of a critical hit, def amount os up to 65% of AP from 25%.Frenzied Regen is now the last stand, can only activate it in Bear.Fero.bite now uses 35 additional energy to cause max 100% extra damage.Ravage is the new heavy hitter with 550% damage done up from 385%.Enrage now increases 10% incoming physical dmg done while active. Demo roar now decreases dmg done of enemy targets by 10%.Maul has a 3 sec cd, with a 30 rage requirement.Bear form now somewhat weaker form, but can be talented to decrease dmg by 12%. Also uses agility now as AP.Skull bash is here with a 5 sec interrupt effect.Improved Ambush talent for Ravage when target is at or above 80% health(ravage+garrote->kidney 2v2's).Survival Instincts now a mini pain suppression by decreasing dmg 60%. We all have to get used to it, activating it BEFORE the pain comes(practice a lot!).Every hot and dot is now capable of critting, just a reminder.
Restoration: Omen of Clarity now passive(if specced as feral, also can proc from auto attacks).Nourish now is a 3 sec cast.LB can only be active on one target at a time.Abolish poison and Remove curse is gone, there is now Remove Corruption(removing one poison, one curse at once).Regrowth now a 1.5 sec cast with a 6 sec hot. Rejuv now a 12 sec hot.Mark of the Wild now increases strength agi stamina and intellect by 5%.Natural Perfection no longer decreases incoming damage by 12%, it now casts Rejuv on you automatically(lol bad).Barkskin is now an aura.Can now talent into magic dispels.

Interesting glyphs:
Root: Instant with a 5 sec cd
Maul: mini cleave
Feral Charge: -2 secs on bear, -1sec on catcharge

Beast Master hunters: No more mana usage, instead focus.Intimidating stun is now instant.Pet Kill command is now based on per happiness and RAP(heavy).6 sec cd.Widow shot, is now a new, poison based mini mortal strike, reducing healing on target by 25%.No more crowd control immunity on Beast within.When dmgd stacking cd reduce effects on disengage and on deterrence.Aimed shot now a 3 sec cast, no longer decreases healing done.10 sec cd on Kill shot(double kill shot from talents).
Marksmanship hunters: Volley is gone.Multishot comeback.Arcane shot has no more cd, only 25 focus cost.Chimera show now only affects serpent sting, and heals for % of hp. Silencing shot no longer deals dmg, but interrupts and silences for 3 secs.Careful aim is like an improved ambush effect for steady cobra and aimed shots when target is at or above 80% hp.There will be much more steady shot usage.30% speed increase after each disengage(+master's call=op).
Survival hunters: Traps are for 1 min. Trap launcher and Scatter Shot is now baseline skill.Black arrow is now top tier dot skill.Toxilogy increases serpent and black arrow dmg done by 100%.
Pet skills:
Core hound: bloodlust
Spirit Beast: healing
Devilsaur: mini mortal strike for 8 secs.
Moth: Spell interrupt

Interesting glyphs:
Deterrence, disengage glyphs
Freezing trap 70% movement snare for 4 secs
Master's call another 4 secs of movement impairing immunity

Arcane mages: 12 sec cd on mana shield. mage armor regens mana.improved blink gives a 70% speed increase for 3 secs(yuck).improved polymorph-damage on polyed targets will also stun for 3 secs.
Fire mages: Molten armor enables casting of scorch while moving.Living bomb no longer explodes on dispel, has a 3 target limit.intsant pyroblast hurts.combustion now deals the same damage you dot effects and applies another dot.blast wave is now castable on the ground, applies a 70% slow more disarm.cauterize is a cheat death, which brings you to 40% of hp which is slowly decaying away for 6 seconds.
Frost mages: shatter, quick lethal frostbolts.same-o same-o.minor mortal effect.

interesting glyphs:
mirror images: they now cast arcane or fire spells dependant on the spec of the mage

holy paladins: holy wrath now damages all targets in 10 yards.exorcism is now spammable damage spell.holyshock is baseline.sacred shield is gone.holyshock gives 30% spell haste and 4 sec 60% movement increase.
Prot paladins: divine shield now lasts for 8 secs. protection now lasts for 10 seconds. divine protection now reduces dmg by 20% and no longer applies a forbearance effect.
ret paladins: avenging wrath is now usable anytime.rebuke spell interrupt for 4 secs.

shadow priests(no disc or holy review):no more dmg when dispelling vampiric touch, instead there a mini aoe horror effect around the target.crit mind blast immobilizes for 4 mortal on MB.

assasination rogues: ambush doesnt need daggers to be usable(tho more damage if using one) +20 energy +15%dmg for assas. rogues.garrote now silences for 3 secs(+2 with glyph).eviscerate now uses 45% of AP instead of 15%.backstab on targets under 35% regenerates 30 energy.CB now regens 25 energy too.vendetta adds 20% dmg on target, who cannot stealth or go invis in front of the rogue.venomous posionpoisons give energy back and deal additional poison dmg on poison afflicted, garrote or rupture ticks.
Combat rogues: sprint 1 min cd. recuperate healing regen for rogues.shiv dispels enrage effects. kick now has a 15 energy cost.
subtetly rogues: finishing moves deal 20% increased dmg.vanish cant be broken now for 3 secs.insane sinergy with ferals. 5% crit aura, more damage on bleeding targets. also has its own bleeds now, even hemo glyph applies a 24 sec mini bleed. 10 secs increased dmg after stealth, 10 secs 50 armor bypass after stealth breaking with garrote ambush CS. recuperate can restore 12 energy with every tick if talented.

arms warriors: mortal strike is baseline. arms warriors can reapply hamstring to proc improved hamstring effect.knockdown is a 45 sec cs ability, with a 5 sec stun. 6% increased healing. blizt charge stuns more targets.victory rush heals you for 20% hp.
fury: blows that brins the warrior at or below 20% hp activates a +100% parry
effect for 8 secs.

thats it for now warlock and elemental shaman (op abominations of the patch) reviews are coming up later.