May 29, 2010

Cataclysm changes - Feral

i can't say i'm 100% sure these are legit, but they look like it

edit1.: some notable changes according to the posts above:

-Maul costs 15 rage in bear
-Shred costs 50 instead of 42
-Savage R.,Rake and Pulverize dura inc. by 6 secs <3
-Predatory Instincts inc. melee crit. strike by 7% instead of 10%
-Feral Charge is a 11 point talent (doh)
-Improved Feral Charge, +30%dmg in bear for next 3 attacks, instant ravage after catstep for 1 sec (hmm how about travel time? dura should be increased)
-Bash cd is 50 secs
-Primal Tenacity reduces dmg in cat while stunned by only 15% (doh)
-Primal Madness <3 (+20 energy on bar while TF'd or zerked)
-F.Bite on target below 25% hp refreshes Rip duration <3
-Faerie Fire stacks up by 3 times, up to 9% armor decrease
-SKULL BASH interrupt in 8 YARDS for 5 sec (10sec cs)<3333 costs, 1rage or 25nrg<333 <333 <333 (okay ill stop now, but i already have my macro spaceholders for this, for like 2weeks now<3)

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