May 8, 2010

My ideal cataclysm feral

-feral charge bear and interrupt effect still on a 15 sec CD
-maim and bash gains pummel effect, maim on the default 10 sec cd while bash cd can be increased to 60 sec cd (50sec talented)
-mushroom can be cast and triggered in forms
-stampeding roar with snare remove effect on party
-feral aggression 3 points
-improved mangle 1 point
-perseverance 3 points
-KoJ still gives shapeshift cost reduction
-feral charge valid path req. change, similar to shadowstep


Free said...

sweet dreams dude :P

Pajay (Starmist) said...

yeah lol :P
but still i think these are realistics wishes:P

Free said...

if the blizz changing the cos to 100% spell ress I return to play :P this is my wish to the cata, but I know it's impossible :(