May 5, 2010

Woundman 6

wow this guy is just piling up arena vids one after another.

good stuff tho


Anonymous said...

And it's damn good.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just small update:
I pugged ICC25 and I looted Distant land last week - nice dps upgrade.
Then I finally managed to get to 1600+ rating as feral/priest (my GF on the priest)....
I bought wrathfull chest this morning (upgrade from my furious chest) so I`m very happy
I`m also buying herkumi/key trinkets depending on what I`m doing (pvp or pve)

I also swapped mining with JWC so another bonus for me.

I`m looking forward to check the gameplay after this upgrade - I think I will be very happy. I like the comp much more than war/druid on my main.

Also small note - I see Miirkat using STAM/RES head and shoulder enchants + stam/agi leg enchants. I`m using AP/res + AP/crit for more pressure, but STAM could be good when focussed. Also for better healing from LOTP.

What do you think about this?

EU Drak`thul

Pajay (Starmist) said...

gratz on your rating, and on your new gear:)

i would say stack agi as much as possible, stamina and resilience comes as close second. your first role is to do damage, but i agree against wizcleaves resi is the best you can get as defensive stat.

all that said, it is not enough. you have to LOS wizcleaves, even with 1400 resi.

2 casters casting at the same time = death. either limit their casting capability with your cd's , even share targets with you mates, and i f you cant hold them off then LOS and regenerate (possibliy leave a bleed on target). rinse and repeat.