Jun 9, 2010


okay i've spent the last hour calculating on paper
i am going to make some gear changes gaining another 2% crit +150~ agi +60AP +5% ARp
my resi will stay around 1110-1170.
more later!


chad said...

More PvE offsets?

I've been considering the Flexweave Underlay +23 agility over +Stealth and + 10 Agility enchant. It seems that any good rogue will find me first anyways...

Pajay (Starmist) said...

ye many people use simple plus agi like that.
the real problem is, rogues detect better and they can sap from 10 yards away.

as for now i stick to the stealth/agi enchant, but maybe i should rethink things too

chad said...

Oh, I didn't know that it changes a rogue's sap distance! I guess that makes sense, I haven't done any major testing with the enchant.

I also recently faction changed the opposite of you to [A] NightElf. So I'm also interested how well Elusiveness covers Prowl. If combined with the +stealth Agil back enchant can the effect stack?

Looking forward to seeing your new itemization. ;)