Jun 4, 2010

Hungary 2010

try to follow me here.

i pay monthly credit fee for my car.
i have Y sum back to pay in total.

guy crashes into my car. it is totaled.
repair cost is greater then the half of the car's current worth.

the insurance company declares it an economical totalcrash.

he only pays 50% of the current worth as insurance.
lets call this money X.

bank declares i ruined his property. he wants all the credit back in once.
i have to pay Y.

insurance gives the money to bank.

bank punishes me for being at a bad place at a bad time (i have no responsibility for the CRASH, im innocent)

i have to pay another 50k to the bank as punishment.

i own a wreckage.
i am -50k.

go figure.


Anonymous said...

Goddamn modern economics:(

Free said...

hungary is worst than ever

novemb3r-rain said...

gotta steal his car wheels :@

Pär said...

hope it works out, seems like you have grounds to sue the guy who caused the crash, and make very very sure you read and understand EVERYTHING on your insurance and ownership/car payment policies.

Pajay (Starmist) said...

ty guys!
yeah im working on a solution

i will probably pay the remaining credit in one sum, making the insurance money available for me

József said...

so i assume the guy who crashed into your car works for the bank?

srsly tho, this is just wrong...

ray said...

dont wanna live in youre country ;)