Jul 8, 2010


Cata madness is in the air. More and more infos emerge every day. For example it seems LB will be stackable only on 1 target.

"Lifebloom can only be stacked on one target, and is refreshed by a Nourish cast.

Tree of Life, now a 5 minute cooldown, lasting 45 seconds, increasing armor by 120% and applying a 50% snare. Will enhance the following spells:

Lifebloom now adds two stacks per application.
Regrowth is Instant.
Wrath has its cast time reduced by 50% and its damage increased by 30%
Wildgrowth will now affect two more targets
Roots now is instant cast, dealing 200% damage."

Interesting, i do not like the new LB though.

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