Aug 30, 2010


So we fixed the 2's rating back to 2.2k with Zen, playing my stable 2's comp for the .. well 6 seasons? hehe
Blipz is settling in at college, I hope we can play some 3v3 games during the week.
As long as i know there are 10000~ active 3v3 teams in our Battlegroup now, so you have to get to the top 50 to get glad title. Which means a 2600+ team. Something I am very very far from. So no Glad for me again, but I am not a real arena material tbh:)
If I would have really wanted it, I could have played resto with some kind of wizzcleave up to a decent rating I'm sure.. But you know me, still in love with feral, I guess I'm a bit silly and stubborn too doing so.
I owe a big thanks to all my teammates during the season, for all the laughs and all the tears. Seriously they also could have played some other comp than anything with a feral in it :)


Free said...

gz for the 2's rating man, and how's goin' the 3's?

Sacred said...

was fun playing with You..RL landed a crushing blow on us,but i really enjoyed those days:)