Sep 12, 2010

Beta Ferals

Originally Posted by Aliandren

" * furwall is pretty awesome, even if it is a 5 minute cooldown
* increased mobility in bear with the mini sprint and the headbutt
* Having an interrupt is nice.
* Dispel mechanic changes (mana cost + no cleanse totem/abolish disease) should help a ton with the infected wound dispel crap
* In theory mangle will do more damage for when people get back to a wall.
* 3-4 ravages every 30 seconds
* FB extra energy scaling by % of damage (0-100% bonus damage with the extra energy) is pretty good design.
* 8% leader of the pack heals is very solid with the damage:health ratio revamp
* Mortal strike nerf + Nurturing instincts = 90% heals received through MS.
* SR being more of an optional dps increase (in theory our yellow damage is compensated at base to some degree) allows us to get more maim/FB in.
* Heightened senses (rogue anti-stealth) is gone.
* Barkskin is not dispellable
* Frenzied Regen does same heal/second but lasts twice as long, is attached to our 'last stand'. IF you have 200 rage over 20 seconds to burn you can self heal 75% of your HP throug MS (no glyph, if they'res a 20% heal increase glyph still it will be 87%).

I'm worried about:

* Feral Innervate sucking, that is a big part of feral comps now.
* Range on our CC vs other classes (cyclone still 20 yards)
* Our kick costs a lot of energy, unless we're getting that as glove bonus and maim will just cost a lot.

The question is, when the dust settles will the other class changes overshadow ours? Each expansion we've been behind in the end but still better off than the one before. Maybe this one will finally level things out."

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