Sep 10, 2010

"I apologize, jk I'm not sorry at all, jk I am"

back to (whatcleave is this called lol) warr-feral-hpala.
playing it with Neans (TOO SOON EXECUTUS) and Snoei (hardcore warrior beast).
can't wait.

Snoei is very good, his only problem is the draenei fetish he has. Every time he sees one, he will not stop until it dies. Don't ask.

Moving on.

Arena teams are increasing in number. Everyone want to get some decent ratings before the season ends. So it is harder to play, we are getting +6's for wins, and lose-17's for a loss. Uphill battle, but we are climbing back on the ladder slowly (and we are talking about 2.2k~ sry no hc ratings :D ).

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Sacred said...

yeah yeah..the *$°%đ¸ warrior,who slained my void like a critter..i know warriors r fine..l2p..^^