Sep 30, 2010

Medusa NX 5.1, Arena

First, Arena season is coming to an end. It is supposed to close on October 12, which is very close. We are making a final push to 2.2k this weekend and on the next week (we are at 2.1k atm).
Wish us luck :)

I've received my Medusa NX 5.1 headset yesterday. Nice little packaging, containing a travel bag too. I've set it up in a minute, and now winamp is functioning on original speakers, games are on headset (separate sound HW, and USB connectivity).

Clear, beautiful sound, comfy feeling. Bass is just awesome, it almost feels your head gonna explode in combat. Of course sound levels are customizable, all in all a great product and not too expensive either (9640ft,~34 euros,


HappY said...

Gl, i keep my fingers cross for you. ^^

LR said...

Good luck!

The last few weeks are always tough with all the bored PvErs going for some points. Many lose -20 win 2 scenarios.

Free said...

gl man gl

Pajay (Starmist) said...

Ty guys!