Sep 14, 2010


beta feral charge is not interrupting anymore.
skull bash range dropped to 8 yards from 18 yards.

i was really looking forward to be an excellent interrupting class in cata (already macroed cata skills yesterday lol)
i will be sad (read RAGING)if this change(BADBAD)goes live


LR said...

I was pretty excited by some of the new abilities, our interrupt, the new and improved SI... but still everything seems pale in comparison to new abilities all the other classes are getting...


Off topic a bit, have you been looking at Kalon's analysis of stats so far?

Pajay (Starmist) said...

not yet , but thanks for the link i"ll get to it right away. )

Anonymous said...

Skull bash still has a 18 yards range in the beta :/