Oct 13, 2010

Bugs and first US reactions about ferals

"My roots are aoe, not sure why.
Stampede buff activates but doesn't enable ravage.
Can't learn insect swarm
If you glyph roots and get a PS proc, casting an instant roots will waste your PS proc (even though the roots has no cast time).
Glove bonus only reduces rage cost of SB by 1 instead of 10. Energy component is fine."

Looks like we all should be prepared that this buff will nerf feral more than buff it. Mewn said even we had gained a kick, we lost like 30% damage and ferals have to sacrifice a pile of stats to convert it to mastery. Which almost gives back our ORIGINAL damage.
Mages are ice lance spam killing ferals 100-0 in one Deep Freeze. So spell damage will be out of hands just as expected.

More will be know when EU servers are up, or when more AJ posts come in.

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