Oct 28, 2010

Feral at 85?

I worry.
Damage will be more or less equalized for all classes, and i am afraid ferals won't be bringing much other than mediocre damage and mediocre(if not bad) cc to 85 pvp.
Other classes will get and use new abilities, new cc's, new strategies while we will be reliant on old, oudated skills.

As I see, mortal effects are down to 10%, things will simply not die. Watched a couple 85 rogue vids, everybody just duels until infinity(premed recuperate, and energy regen for an upcoming shadow dance yay). Not sure how will it play out, how the game will evolve or degenerate.

Time will tell.
Feral for life.


LR said...

We still have some major issues with form specific CC across all specs. These issues bug me the most for arenas...

Hibernate is going to be an abomination in arenas if it stays the same.

Tree of Life is going to be the 'LOL-GG-Tree' against any Shaman or Lock team... Sure you could pop Tree form... or get insta banished... or have to pop back out if you see Bind being cast then lose the buff anyways...

Pajay (Starmist) said...

TOL change is simply bad.I hate it even im not playing resto.

What could hc resto players think?..