Oct 14, 2010

Feral Feedback

First of all <3. style="color: rgb(153, 153, 255);">Bear Form
[Cat Form]Mangle(Cat Form)
[Cat Form]Skull Bash(Cat Form)
#showtooltip ?

I am playing a spec with Pulverize. Pulverize is well mediocre atm. It consumes all Lacerates on target, hits ~Mangle dmg, and the crit buff falls OFF leaving bear form. It has no cd which is good tho.
Lacerate ticks are very low now, but they refresh mangle-bear.
Maul is now a 30 rage cost attack which hits for nice dmg. Mangle is also good even with its cd.
I reforged all my items for Mastery. I have 16~ points in it which is a huge buff to all dots. Bleeds crit for 5ks~, more then my direct dmg Shred.
Instant root is awesome, but do consumes Pstrike proc charges which is bad.
I can tranquility for 6ks and it even gives a hot effect too now.
You can unleash a world of pain (as everyone else) in seconds. Go for big FBs and Stampede Ravages. Use Bash instead of Maim(35 energy is a lot).

Thorns. Well lol. Still not sure EU servers was featuring nerfed or not nerfed version of Thorns around 3am, but I was literally killing myself on Balance Druids. It is hitting 2-3k per hit, balance was only using natures grasp, barkskin and thorns the whole duel lol. On the other hand, rogues died hitting me too.

Stealth. Is now equal for all classes. I could and did open on rogues. Nice!

Skull Bash. Now this is something that brings tears to the eyes. Not for only it a very good interrupt, but it is a second mini charge. It has 13 yards range, which is awesome. I am using a mouseover macro for this too.

Pvp gloves. It only reduces Cat Form Skull Bash energy cost now, Bear Form is still 14 rage (LOT).

Casters are tough. Fire mage dmg is high, frost mages can chain ILance you for 6ks. Deep Freeze is pretty much = death.
Warriors are.. sorry pathetic. I had brought Snoei 100-0 down in seconds no matter how we fought. Their knockdown is good (5secs) but they practically do no dmg , they cannot keep up with the insane bursts now out there.

So go out, practice a lot, swap strategies (and reforge stats) and be prepared that everyone has insane, improved damage. (hello Starsurge, hello Chaos Bolt!!!)


LR said...

Did you notice you can have engineer Rocket gloves and an enchant now?

Same for boots. But we lost the crit on those.

I'm currently testing a couple of different setups and specs.

One with everything reforged Mastery, and gemmed agility. (My current dps charts show that white damage is still more then bleeds with this setup, leading me to believe haste would be better, even though the current calcs on EJ say Agility is better..)

Second with everything reforged Mastery, and gemmed haste.

Even investigating different options for metas. See Thundering Skyflare Diamond. http://www.wowhead.com/item=41400

Now's the time to get creative.

Pajay (Starmist) said...

Waoh thanks for the tips, i didn't know that.
I'll be putting up some enchants if i get home!
About mastery, i just did that, reforged every crit strike rating into mastery. I ahve 16 points of mastery atm, which is a lot. I'm not sure about the exact numbers, but there was a hidden hotfix which increased my rips up to 10k per tick crit lol..