Oct 20, 2010

HTF3 update

I am in a really bad spot atm with the movie. There are 6 minutes of completed footage done, all featuring patch 3.3 arena scenes.
I was hoping for enabled skirmishes in 4.0.1 to fill out the missing minutes, but all I can include now are bg footages (30min queues are NOT fun BTW) and I am not really sure people want that.
Either that or duels or world pvp. Aaaand .. as feral is way to OP (i can't believe i said that no no dont nerf us!!!:) ) new records has to be somewhat legendary 1vx situations to prevent viewers frown in disappointment (but then again, killing enemy players in seconds and finishing the duel at 100% bah)

So what do you think?
Should I go for duels , world pvp or bg?


Anonymous said...

1 vs x is always drakedog'esque awesome, be it world pvp or bg. A couple of duels would not spoil the movie either, especially against something hard-countering feral.

Free said...

this time nothing can counter the feral! but 1 v x against good players is cool imho! and the bg pvp videos my favorites!

Florian said...

definetely DUELS PLEAAAAASE! I would love to see duesl against each class. Maybe with some tips of how to beat them.

Nont said...

at the moment Duels are imho just pointless. 1vsX on the other hand is never a bad idea.
Main part should still be arena.

LR said...

It does stink that we can't skirm right now. :(

You've always managed to highlight the things that only ferals can do, or that make feral very very fun.

Maximizing what's cool and fun with any new feral glyphs? LOLinstantROOTs on someone then running out FC back in for ravage killshot. LOLthorns on rogues' targets.

Fun engineering use shots where ever you can film them. Parachutes, rocket boot bombing, glovin' thru bubbles, mindcontrollin' off cliffs [TM].

Instead of kiting people off the cliff edge at LumberMill... I've been rocketbooting/dash off the edge in attempts to FeralCharge mounted allies running on the road below. Hilarious if you can nail it, look very silly when you miss...

Regarding world pvp, now's a good time to capitalize on the holiday world events... especially for trick or treating.

No matter what you put in there, looking forward to those 6 mins of 3.3 arenas.

Juelho said...

Yeah, duels would be best, followed by either BGs/world pvp. RAWR!

Pajay (Starmist) said...

thanks for the input guys, i really loved all those ideas! i will make sure to utilize them, and work more on those duels and bg footages.

i have a very complex mc cap trick already, time to invest time to do it;)

so many replies, im so happy!!!