Nov 29, 2010

85 feral talents
This is what I am going for. Not many options, maybe a ilttle diversity in glyph choices.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, why not get a couple points in Thick Hide, instead of Fury Swipes?

Pajay (Starmist) said...

It is a personal preference really, i was always speccing gemming and gearing up for a more offensive feral style.
Also with the recent savage roar change(tried not to use nerf here heh), imagine 310%*1.5 autoattacks as fury swipes. it seems nice, also us ferals were speccing into it (miirkat, mewn,zybak). We will know later at 85 if its really worth the points, or we should put those points into thick hide(great comment btw, valid point).

Anonymous said...

Well the only reason I asked was cause, given the dynamic nature of the spec in Arena (and to a lesser extent in PVP), with all the shifting and moving, being on a target long enough to get enough Fury Swipe procs seems a bit unrealistic to me. Going with a few more points to toughen yourself against melee/hunters seems like a better deal, in my opinion.

Another thought I had, would be to drop Pulverize, Primal Madness and Fury Swipe and go for Perseverance, to help against caster cleaves, etc, as they seem to be our bane usually.

I suppose its really "up to you" like blizz wants specs to be; but I was just curious as to your thoughts.

Love your videos and posts btw. Very helpful :) I appreciate your dedication to the spec and your willingness to help the rest of us out.

Anonymous said...

Lesser extent in Battlegrounds** thinking faster than I can type -.-