Nov 9, 2010

Best spell of Cataclysm

so jealous!


Free said...

good to see a spell counter and I love the rogues <3 no mana no fear

LR said...

Sure is tough being a 'hero' class and all... Getting by with only the basic necessities. Cooldowns, a better mortal strike, and pets galore. And their own personal floating island... Yes... yes it's very tough.

Curious if this can be dispelled by another team member?

Going to put a special keybind for this where my spell reflect rank 1 wraths used to be... now what to give them... ah yes.. Soothe???

Anonymous said...

Soothe ain't instant anymore in the beta

Pajay (Starmist) said...

atm the only way to remove the debuff is bubble or HoP : (

i'll make sure to create a MSBT trigger for this, and waste a LB rather than a cyclone when it is up!

Anonymous said...

you forgot iceblock:)