Nov 5, 2010

Feral bugs, problems,weaknesses 4.0

-innervate is useless (130 mana per tick!)
-regrowth hot is a joke
-nourish is useless
-pvp gloves still not redusing SB rage requirement correctly (-1 instead of -10)
-LB duration increased, even less burst heals (tho functionality is great, 200 mana on 1 stack its good, just ticks for 10secs instead of 6)
-no more cc reducing talents, full fears
-no more stun defense in cat
-cannot use some potions in forms
-cannot shift out of polymorphs (instant hexes)
-very low on mana
-predator swiftness buff consumed in glyphed root casts
-last stand only in bear, shifting loses buff, this was the same problem with old SI
-SI (its more of a controller thing, you have to use it before incoming burst)
-pulverize buff only in bear

other things
-still no skirmishes
-still no arena water


LR said...

I find myself getting ninjaed out of form from regular shifting and power shifting more since 4.0.1 has been out. It makes me rage, very often.

Other things that seem out of control right now is offensive dispels. P.I.T.A. mages, priests, shamans can just ruin your day as... its like they just can't spam it fast enough. There's a good thread on AJ right now with everyone looking for some form of cooldown or DR associated with it... ridiculous.

Pajay (Starmist) said...

"It makes me rage, very often."
and with good reason. if global is up i find myself too in caster a lot of times, for like a half second or so.

btw have you experienced that paladins and mages actually lose mana like ever?
bah so annoying, especially with this new shitty innervate..