Nov 11, 2010

Feral-Rog in Cata?

've got one word for it, Deadly.
From what I've seen, it will be a valid and strong combo.

Not that I'd play anything else (well okay maybe a few priest feral games here and then, ey Blipz?:) ).

Cata hp amounts are around 100k, things seem to be slowing down, harder to kill anything now. But combining the new and old abilities one cannot help but to brainstorm about tactics.

Garrote+Pounce(on mages preferably)-Kidney- Sstep+Catstep on Blink
Sap(10)-Sap(5)-Sap(2.5)-Garrote(5sec silence)-Cyclone(6)-Cyclone(3)-Bash(5)-Blind(10,glyphed clears dots)


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I hope they keep the feral rog on the top, like in the s6