Nov 8, 2010

Freelól vs. Starmist

the unthinkable happened, Free beat me like 10 times in a row, forcing me to actually go stealth for duels :)
damn it was annoying, he was playing ultra agressive. 1 Cheap Shot and i was on 9k hp down from 37-48k.
The trick seems to be utilizing the subtetly talent, armor ignore proc coming out of stealth. It also activates during shadowdance, and makes the rogue's attacks to bypass 50% armor for 10 seconds. Ambushes crit for 6-8k's, Eviscerate's for 10-12k's.
Barkskin absorbes little against it, and that Survival Instinct will fade quickly against evasion tanking.
Frenzied Regen's weakness also kicks in, you still lose the buff coming out of bear form.

Most of the rog cd's on 1 minute cd, which makes long fights also very dangerous.
But the most problem is with the insane burst start.

but that is the way how rogue should be played, and I'm glad i get to practice against this, against a gifted player, and against a friend.: )

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Free said...

sometimes I got luck