Nov 24, 2010

Last HTF3 release preparations

Everything falls into place, as editing is finalized.

1280*960 HQ quality.
Length is 8:54.
Stereo AC3 sound stream.
Music: Metal.
Encoded by x264, custom options (maxed out), lanczos4 sharpness, no noise blurring.
Intro is very short. (separate highlights, scenes not included in movie)
Pure, adrenaline driven, feral pvp 3.3-4.0.1 (duels, arena and battlegrounds).
1v1 1vx 2v2 2vx.

Final rendering starts on Friday, uploading planned for Saturday, WCM nod and release on Monday.

Thank you for your patience, support. Without it, the project never would've started or finished.

1 comment:

Blipz said...

Finally! The BEAST is back! Cant wait :)