Nov 30, 2010


My often used macros, maybe you can find something useful too. Let's start with something easy. Shred-Ravage macro.
/cast [nostealth] Shred; [stealth] Ravage

Thorns macro, modifier for buffing the friendly target the enemy is attacking (targeting).
#showtooltip Thorns
/cast [modifier:alt,target=targettarget] Thorns
/cast [modifier:shift] Thorns

Skull Bash
/cast [target=mouseover,harm,nomodifier] [stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form);[stance:3]Skull Bash(Cat Form)
/cast [target=mouseover,harm,nomodifier] [stance:1] Skull Bash(Bear Form);[stance:1]Skull Bash(Bear Form)

Focus Skull Bash.
#showtooltip skull bash(cat form)
/cast [target=focus][stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form)
/cast [target=focus][stance:1] Skull Bash(Bear Form)

My simple mouseover-target catstep macro. Using the same idea for bearcharge.
/cast [target=mouseover,harm][Cat Form] Feral Charge(Cat Form); [Cat Form] Feral Charge(Cat Form)
/cast [Cat Form] Feral Charge(Cat Form)

Mouseover-target rootmacro!
#showtooltip Entangling Roots
/cast [target=mouseover,harm] Entangling Roots;Entangling Roots
/cast [nomodifier:shift,exists,harm] Entangling Roots

Bearmangle-maul combined, shift for pyro, ctrl for focus target pyro.
#showtooltip Mangle
/use [modifier:ctrl, nostealth, target=focus,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift, target=mouseover,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift] 10
/cast Maul
/cast Mangle

My formswapping macros. Double press for weapon reswap.(more like pressing it like crazy anyways xd) Same idea for cat form.
/use [nomodifier,nostance:1]!Bear Form
/equip [stance:1] Wrathful Gladiator's Staff
/equip [stance:1] Idol of Mutilation

My "sap"-pounce macro, based on rogue macro. It even made it's way into wowwiki by someone(credits for me, so bashful thanks). Clears targets continuously, pouncing on nearby stealthers.
/cleartarget [noexists]
/targetenemy [noexists]
/cast Pounce
/cast [nostealth] !Prowl

Pounce/Mangle/Pyro macro combined. Shift for normal, ctrl for focus pyro. :)
#showtooltip 10
/use [modifier:ctrl, nostealth, target=focus,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift, target=mouseover,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift] 10
/cast [nomodifier,stealth] Pounce; [nomodifier,nostealth] [Cat Form] Mangle(Cat Form)
/startattack [nostealth]

I pretty much use mouseover in every macro, makes my life more simple, especially at clutch moments or quick fleeing situations(bearcharge out). Have fun, hope I could post some useful info for you guys :)

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