Nov 13, 2010


I found something interesting on the new battlenet forum.
Xanaroth's brainstorming:

"Just posting it here so it doesnt get forgotten (tough i doubt it will). As you all know, rogue stealth is currently weaker then it was previously and no fix has yet been announced.

During 4.0.1 MoD was removed, and it was stated to become baseline for all rogue's (stealth 65, 50 regular and 15 from talent). Cat druids would still get 50 with another 15 possible trough talents. That way, both classes would have identical stealth but the druid (being hybrid) would have to pay something extra for it.

Post 4.0.1 rogue stealth is actually 40 (so thats down, rather then up) with the druids as promised on 50 baseline with 15 trough talents. This makes a druid stealth (both with and without talent) superior to the rogue's.

As for sources on the value's or exact explanations or demo's.. just google it, there's literally dozens of topics and sites reporting this bug with detailed information."

Soo that's the reason how can every fuckin feral found me in stealth... Interesting and annoying, cuz the druid is hybrid class, but the rogue isn't. We are specialised to stealth, especially as sub, our strength is the opening (found weakness, master of sub.). I really hope this just a bug as Xanaroth said, not a new rogue "stuff".

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LR said...

I think that feral druids should have the same lvl of stealth as rogues. But NOT restos, balance...

Yeah it's pretty retarded if it stays the same.