Nov 16, 2010

Worgen or not worgen

awww Free why do you have to bring this up!
dont know.

awesome community, gifted pvp players, and long bg queue times on horde side
awesome worgen form on the other hand.


Blipz said...

Do not leave us! <3

Blipz said...

so...not worgen o/

Free said...

And you forget on very important thing. Friends on both side, that's why soo hard to choose.

Pajay (Starmist) said...

worgen anim is so badass, but I love my little tauren too: (

not sure about those alliance friends tho...
Unknown Idols is a very good guild to be in, even if you do not agree with me on that sometimes: )

Free said...


As I know your best irl friend (Laca) is playing in the alliance. And my master Bartolómeó is still playing in the alliance and I'll never forgot him. That's why I thinking a lot of about this... maybe the best choice if I'm gonna make a worgen ALT.


The "very good" title is a bit strong about our guild... The leader (Arionas) is a very friendly guy and he is the reason why I'm playin in the UI. But don't forget, we a got a lot of ego fucker.

Anonymous said...

Worgen warrior is badass loal. Maybe ima go with it too. gona lvl wrlock first and try every comp out . if it wont work. gona play the most fcking op class in the game in cata on alli side doesnt matter whats that and gona laugh out ppl who isnt playin with meh ( evil laugh) . <3S ballers :D <3