Dec 17, 2010

85 pvp thoughts

-feral dmg is still good , even with nerf
-double dd setups not really viable anymore(exceptions i met so far, sp+frostdk,sp+fmage)
-restoshaman-feral is very very good(so far)(we even played against this setup as feral-rog, and we only won 1 out of 3, and i confident we played our best in wow history to achieve that(incombat saps,cyclonecyclonebash,avoid fake heal focus kick real heal, restealth as ff wears off twice etc))

-warrior damage is way too high (globaling 30ks), colossus smash needs a nerf
-mage damage is way too high (spamming 20k lances)
-destro damage is way too high (30k conflags)

-new bgs are nice, simple, fun

-druids need 80-85 ability fixes badly
-hybrids are dead, heals are inferior (my aura heals me for 5k~, while my regrowth heals me for 6k with a 6k mana cost, regrowth hot ticking for 400~, nourish heals for 3-4k, regrowth hot heals for 1.5k, healing touch heals for 10k)
-mana management is the most important thing for healers now

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