Dec 6, 2010

Feral - Mage

This setup looks good. Mages are getting so much control in Cata, you could really exploit it.
Anybody thought about cyclone -> ring of frost combo (activate 2 secs before cyclone fades to ensure a nice 10 sec stun)->poly->root?
I still will probably playing feral rog and feral priest(shaman) again, but the possibilities are endless. Thunderstorm into Ring of Frost, bleed up -> dragons breath -> big nuke -> maim -> counterspell.

Can't wait for expansion: )


Blipz said...

feral/mage/healer and feral/rogue/healer inc <3 hope we can do more 3v3 this season

LR said...

I'm curious how well Triple DPS could do 3v3. Especially now with how well everyone has their own way of healing.

Feral, Rogue, Mage - So much CC to work with... Really think it could work.

Then some other fun comps would be:

(Maybe even ultimate stealth 3s!)

Feral, Rogue, Boomkin

Feral, Rogue, Feral - LOL

Feral, Rogue, Rogue - LOL!

The reason Feral+Rogue works so well in 2s is the strong opener and CC, but it also always puts the other team on defensive from the start (assuming they aren't stealth as well). ;)

Free said...

I've got a rogue and mage... I'm gonna kick you ass if you drop me!