Dec 29, 2010


Well this is it. Time to move on.

I could sum up many things, but the real reason of me leaving is I just not interested in the game anymore.

I just want to thank you all for everything, i just hope you liked this little blog throughout the years. It was fun, now it is not for me, so i'll just take a little me time now, take a little break. There are many awesome and interesting things are in my life, I am gonna to focus on them.
It was a superb ride though, was it not?

Take care guys.

Blog stays *edited
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goldmember said...

Thank you so much for your tutorials, you made feral fun for me again. I only hope i could see another video from you. Take Care.

Sacred said...

I dont know what to say..

It was fun playing on ur side,reading ur blog,watching ur movies..

we will miss you

good luck and have fun IRL ^^

best wishes

Pär Larsson said...

No reason to delete the blog. You may change your mind and some people might want to look through it for stuff you posted.

Free said...

Man I hope you gonna change your mind. You are an Idol for a lot of player and you are an awesome friend. I think you must take a little break, but don't delete the blog. And if you wont change your mind and quit forever, don't forget us, cuz we never forget you.

Terra said...

I only really started on my druid 18months ago and went feral 12 months ago. Since then I've looked for advice and videos to help and yours have being the clear standing leader of feral blogs for me.

Best of luck whether you leave wow for good or come back. And every now and then, even several years from now, remember that there are people who have your videos and are still watching them from time to time, I know I will be.

Thanks for everything,

marrauder/ ray said...

i know how you feel man.. i got totaly the same.. Feral just sucks now.. and its going to be worse..

i dont login anymore.. and feel i need 2 play a new game..

i am totaly agree with you!
i only liked feral and this is goign 2 far..


tnx for the games, i had fun with ya

peace marrauder

Anonymous said...

yeah the game is not fun anymore, ur not alone on this.
I played because i enjoed playing and i gradually lost interest, game has change alot and become worse then it was in the past imo both from gameplay and the experience, u made a good decision bro GL in ur life

Pajay (Starmist) said...

what i really missed in the last few months is the diversity, the game has used in the beginnings.
seems everything is just made simpler, not a good thing.

specs are more universal than ever, grind is still the no 1 time consuming, player occupying process.
there are not really any more chances to prove your skills, especially as a hybrid. i could overpower several enemies once, hell even survive intense battles, but now you can't really do much without a personal healer.

of course it is sill a great game, thanks to the friends community and content. people will play it, it just nothing i hoped the whole thing would turn out in cataclysm.

Adam Steffes said...

Thanks for your contributions to the feral community. I wish I had started posting and talking to you sooner. I appreciate your candor and enthusiasm. You're a great role model and will be missed.

I agree with your assessments of the nerfs, and of GC. I feel like the man doesn't even play the game anymore. Also, I realize MMO's are difficult to tend to, but somethings wrong when a fix you make to one thing breaks 10 other things. I think maybe their coding teams have issues, as do their customer server teams. I've been thinking of quitting wow myself, maybe now's a good time :P

If the blog costs money, then by all means wave good bye; if it's free, I know many of us would appreciate it if you left it up for now, if only so we can look back nostalgically at better times :)

Best of luck to you with whatever you decide to do! I hope you are happy, regardless of what it is!

- Long time reader, recent poster, Adam

Pajay (Starmist) said...

Thank you all, all the kind words all the support, it really does mean a lot to me.
I'll be leaving the blog online for now then.