Dec 2, 2010

HTF3 easter eggs

-berserk only used twice in the video
-3 songs, 3 parts, tribute to third movie
-3x3 min length (well 8:54 due to rendering)
-first video without trance music
-no duels with Free in this one (he was the only rogue who could and did kick my ass (not using stealth in duels since patch))
-the guild-bg team Resilient Victory achievement, and win from planned losing position in bg scenes
-last part, tribute to parachute cloak bug, now fixed
-wordfade anims and scenes are synchronized to music beats
-cyclone death coil, warstomp vanish were planned scenes since HTF1
-the addon you can see in the middle, right above the h.action bar is Droodfocus. Its configuration took 4 hours. Then after a random DC another 4 hours. : )
-chat texts after 1v3 win

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