Dec 6, 2010

My ideal 85 feral

Won't be asking for crazy op things, just a few fixes here and there and I would really enjoy druid. I was always more into control and new spell-ability combos, but that not really is what we are getting.

-Swipe bear offcd, rage req is enough.
-Swipe bear doesn't need targets to be castable.
-Thrash doesn't need targets to be castable.
-Catstep is fully a leap mechanic(can jump over Ring of Frost, cuz atm you cannot).
-Savage Defense again to proc from dots.
-Frenzied Regen extra hp stay when leaving bear form.
-Instant root down't consume Predatory Swiftness.
-Mushroom detonate affects more then 3 yards, and instant maybe with a cd.

1 comment:

LR said...

My wishlist:

- Warstomp usable in forms
- Roots, thorns castable in forms
- Better glyph options for major glyphs
- give feral spec druids hibernate immunity, maybe add this to zerk?