Dec 29, 2010

My thoughts on the ongoing feral nerfs

"I guess we all agree , our own class, just like our character is very dear to us. We all would like to see it viable in pve or in pvp, we all play to have fun.

Wow is a very complex games, features so many mechanics that makes it almost impossible to balance out things, just like we experienced in the past few years.

Maybe we can't give valid opinions, we are all biased when it comes to our class, maybe I'm wrong when i feel we received more nerf than others, we were always weaker, even as a jack-of-all-trades, as a hybrid.

It also does disappoint me, when they tweak around mechanics, that worked for years, defined a class, and somehow people did not have problems with it until now. It seems, berserk accidentally fell under the nerfbat along with the bleeds.

Developers do not (only and at first) look out numbers, they listen to qq posts, they look out for long post threads, just like GM's told me this many many times. This game produces money, and money comes from pleased customers. If changes address customer problems they will happen.

Sometimes I just wish, do not buff us, do not fix those buggy mechanics, do not change the new, and ultraboring and bad 81-85 abilities,

just leave us alone."

also i love you all. thanks for your kind words, and for standing up to me, and for yourself on the forums. you are all amazing. remember that.

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Pär Larsson said...

Post your thoughts on the official Dps and Pvp forums and ask for a PTR. You obviously know what you're talking about. But yeah, we're all biased. On the whole I think the nerfs are better for the game overall - and some of the perceived nerfs are more like "shifts" which will help feral burst and DD at the expense of bleeds which you pointed out yourself are negated by mage's IB. That leaves berserk, which is a mass buff to locks and priests who maybe needed it - but makes feral a bit lol again. Personally I'd rather be the underplayed spec. The great ferals will then get mad respect instead of just "you're OP, feral takes no skill".