Jan 16, 2010

ESL European Finals DAY 1 - summary

-i am very sad Rocknroll Pigtails is out of the tournament. They played very well, but they were maybe a bit too nervous to bring their usual, solid teamplays. I was also expecting some new strats unique to every enemy team, given they are definitely the best of europe. Still they did very well, gratz to them, and hey somebody sponsor these guys! Dont give up now !
-one of my fav moments of today is Inflame being blowed up consistently by RocknrollP. :)
-team Dignitas and H2k was very polite, mature and professional all day
-hydra is the best priest i have ever seen
-professional commentators

all in all a very good tourney, cant wait to day 2 even without my favorite feral-rog-priest

ESL European Finals DAY 1

Today and tomorrow on ESL stream!

#1 lol at Inflame with the trash talking in the eyes of the opponent "free win", too cocky?
#2 1-1! GG H2K!! insane dmg pressure and peeling on rog and still!
#3 3-1 to SK EU :( too much peeling and dmg on sanchez and on pala altogether
#4 yay rocknroll pigtails GO! gibgib hydra's team!
#5 heh Exerion i would feel the same way, nervous speaking in front of thousands of people:)
#6 blowed up Exerion:'( after feralchargeing the frostbolt flynn blinks and goes for arcane blast not allowing any downtime in pumpin damage into the feral, also exerion feared in caster form.. hydra knows what he does
#7 stuck in caster again, blowed up. agressive opener on hydra, kalimist on exe, both o kalimist, almost got the kill then bear form and stuck in caster. team dignitas 2-0
#8 3-0 dignitas. bloodx sapped, exerion kited as long as he could. but they were under pressure this way from start to finish.
#9 lol wtf is up with the on site commentator:D funny as he forgets names and spelling words:D heh its okay, its a good tourney
#10 heh tsg owned rmp. also i love how they turn back the lights in the room after each matches on site :D
#11 conclusion of the second plan b match. DEAD PRIEST CANT MASS DISPEL BUBBLE.
#12 best game from playn b so far, still not enough. solid control on warrior a start but on second try sk sansibar drops enemy priest and wins to 3-0
#13 prematch interviews between players = psychological WARFARE
#14 rmp(innerfire) vs x6tence(prtwarbmhunthpala) was quite a match! innerfire rogue actually died twice, cuz he got a rez, great game!
#15 i may've missed a match but paladin died to insane presuure, gg! even x6tence palyed very well defensively too when had too
#16 aww ROV'd. dead priest(AJ FORUM QUOTE:
Originally Posted by Alef
-if they struggle against innerfire, they have no chance against Hydra.
Originally Posted by Eureka
-Lord Hydra*.) lolz
#17 i like h2k and dignitas attitude. the games are very spectacular h2k totally proves they are not a "free kill". they put up quite a fight, big salute to them
#18 rocknroll pigtails goooo!! fuk up the trashtalker rawrrr khm sorry. yeah right. sk eu vs rocknroll P
#19 YESS YEESSSSS HAHAHAHA.. khm open was on inflame, DG'd on feral charge back portal. there was some cc game a cyclone on lock then on second opening with no hots inflame goes down
#20 :D:D:D:D okay i wont deny IT i hope they fuk up inflamez team the third time as well:D:D some nice swaps-->dead resto
#21 nice play from sk eu, decent pressure on bloodx throughout the fight, and some nice peelings 2-1 to RRP
#22 3-1 to RRP. loved these matches, there is still hope to get through the groupstages
#23 innerfire vs sk sansibar= dead priest cant heal IB'd mage SRY
#24 i have to say, some pro commentating today on ESL. i do not miss Toby and his german accent soaked words and sentences. no offense but i wouldnt commentate on a tournament this elite either:)
#25 plan b wins on BE. now thats rmp dmg what they've put into the prot warr.
#26 3-2 to x6tence, upcoming; hydra vs inflamez
#27 need more blondies with headset walking in front of camera!
#28 Quote from AJ "RmHydra" lol
#29 SkEU seems to be winning against dignitas
#30 2-2. bumm on resto dood
#31 hydra stays alive against all odds and still a late match cyclone on him makes dignitas wins the last match on rov. 3-2.
#32 1-0 to RRP so far, commercial atm.
#33 1-1 innerfire is putting up quite a fight, too much dmg on Exe, they couldnt drop mage or rog
#34 awesome match, Exerion was dying all match, insane kiting and defensive play GG RRP
#35 rmp seems to be a bane of feral-rog-mage. well played RMP that is. Exerion dies again due to insane pressure
#36 teamplay. RRP. enemy rog dies. 2-2 very nice swap after forcing PS on priest
#37 RRP totally losing the last 2 games. they even switched to double healer and still couldnt pull off a win. sadface#

Jan 15, 2010

Tekken movie

This is gonna be SO BAD that i want to SEE IT:D


Look out for you accounts out there! /mmo source/

Important - Armory Scams
The new version of the armory is now available on both
US and EU armory and a lot of people lost their account because of scammers exploiting the popularity of the armory. The scam is fairly simple, people buy advertising on Google to display ads pointing to fake armory sites when you search for the real one on google.

NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER use google to access the official site or the armory, just type http://www.wowarmory.com / http://eu.wowarmory.com in your browser and bookmark it if you're lazy and don't want to type it every time.
The armory now requires you to login for a lot of the features introduced with the latest upgrade and you should make sure that you do not do anything stupid when you access it. I don't think you would use google to go to your Account Management page.
If you think you might have been scammed by one of these pages, change your password immediately. If you do not think that you're concerned by this post, change your password immediately because it's always a good idea anyway

Prot arena by Karuki

An interesting watch (prot+prot+resto) and maybe a few tips on how to play, or how to beat them.



I want my ESL matches!


Jan 13, 2010


I am spending more and more time on the project finally, and tbh i am quite enjoying it! The new and upgraded intro is almost ready, and imho it is gonna be pretty awesome:P

htf2intheworksI made some prerenderings and i’m very pleased with the results so far.

Promo pic is coming up very soon!

Jan 12, 2010

Ohana 5

Balance druid – shadow priest – resto shaman 2.6k

imageFunny, but still a solid arena video! Take a look !


ESL Finals this weekend

Do not forget to tune in and watch the matches at


Saturday, 16th of January 2010

    16/01/10 12:00 CET  H2k Gaming vs. SK Gaming
    16/01/10 12:30 CET  RocknRoll Pigtails vs. Team Dignitas
    16/01/10 12:30 CET  SK Gaming Sansibar vs. plan-B
    16/01/10 13:00 CET  x6tence vs. iNNERFiRE
    16/01/10 13:30 CET  RocknRoll Pigtails vs. Team Dignitas
    16/01/10 14:00 CET  H2k Gaming vs. Team Dignitas
    16/01/10 14:30 CET  RocknRoll Pigtails vs. SK Gaming
    16/01/10 15:00 CET  SK Gaming Sansibar vs. iNNERFiRE
    16/01/10 15:30 CET  x6tence vs. plan-B
    16/01/10 16:00 CET  Team Dignitas vs. SK Gaming
    16/01/10 16:00 CET  Games for 5th and 7th place

Jan 11, 2010


I have came upon this little game a few days ago, and i have to admit this is awesome. It does not bring anything new as for hack&slashes go, it shamelessly uses diablo style and mechanics, but it has a so clear ui and enjoyable combat-loot system it is definitely a great game.

image It has comic book style but nevertheless fantastic visuals, the effects really are jaw-dropping. I just love how easy the controls, the inventory management is. You can spend your skill and talent points any way you want and you can create very diverse type of characters this way. (im going with a lightning casting, dual wielding battle mage with several minion summoning spells ready;) )

imageI only can say good things about it, check it out if you think!



Uhm yeah..

i may have some issues with collecting trinkets :P


HTF2 sneak peek #2

More or less this is gonna be the intro.

HTF2 sneak peek #2 inc

I've edited some of my favorites scenes together and I am rendering now ;) Will be up tomorrow:)
(omg HQ will kill my HDD space, 47 seconds and a 5.2gig avi uncompressed?:D arghhh)
Its all to show my thanks to you all for the support:)


Jan 10, 2010

My most hated, enemy double dps comp

Shadow Priest + Envenom Rogue

Envenom just rips thru armor, so you are actually better (?) stuck in cat stun (-30% reduced dmg), but evasion (double) and disperse makes sure you will hardly ever land a killing blow before you go down. Once a SP is starting to apply dots on you then the countdown begins and you really have to score a kill in the following seconds. I think i have treat this setup like a wizard cleave, and put rog on rog and me on sp to control them somehow.

Very high dmg output of a SP, envenom rog on you while you are being stunlocked (CS-Kidney-Vanish-CS) result early a very gibbed very dead feral.

HTF2 update - Why only at 10% done?

I just wanted to say sorry that the movie is not yet out. I am having serious problems in IRL, and material and monetary instability is forcing me to focus not on the game. It was not planned, it is sudden and really is a problem. I could say im a bit depressed too, hardly enjoying wow or any other games now :(

Of course i wont let you down, i will finish the movie, but right now i have no idea WHEN. I am working on my life first then i will work on the movie. Thank you for your understanding and for still visiting me and supporting me in these days. It means a lot.
Thank you.

MLG Orlando #3

I was not surprised how wizard cleaves dominated most of the matches. I really liked the crazy teamsetups and the participating members in the "allstar" games.

I fell asleep somewhere after midnight, but finally(after some crazy long filler commentatory talks) was able to see some fun matches.

I am looking forward today's championship matches, dont forget you can watch it too at http://www.mmo-champion.com/ or at mlgpro.com.