Feb 13, 2010

Heroes season 5 ends

god this show was shit. I still can’t believe what a garbage this show turned into. Highlights:

-the season’s bad guy, freshly escaped convict of Prison Break can move the land around. imho his power is the most boring i’ve ever seen in the series.

-evervirgin Clairebear

-after slowly killing thousands with extra brutality (opening up brains is not a nice thing when you are on the receiving end) Sylar turned into a shy, world loving HERO

-Stallone junior stealing others powers back and forth

ummm was there anything else? story or character developement? not that i can remember of.

oh and season 6 starts off with clairebear killing herself and resurrecting in front of cameras, AGAIN after season 3, when they turned the world and time upside down to keep the whole thing secret! WAOH IM HYPED BRO CANT WAIT

My favorite (ultra) old games

I was pondering the other day, which video games were my favorites when i was younger. I always liked fantasy as a genre, and many games i played with, reflected this.

I remember the little, ugly gems: Menzoberranzan and Ravenloft, and how we played it with my friend every weekend. MB was my first encounter with the famous Drizzt Do’urden and with the world of Forgotten Realms. image

I remember the first Final Fantasy i played with, FF7. It was my first anime-like game, and i enjoyed it so much i played the other games of the FF series as well (Aeris death anyone?). And joined an animeclub later (basically for the girls, but that’s another story:D).

I loved Might and Magic 6: Mandate of Heaven. Sprite based fantasy, with funny frowns and facial expressions on the partymembers faces at the bottom :P Good story, and excellent realization.image

I actively played all Heroes of Might and Magic games through the years. HOMM3 imho was the best, but series gave the players very good fantasy-strategy games overall.image Breath of Fire 2, i played it on SNES. I remember i took the game with me, when we visited my relatives in the country. Heh it was a fine game.


Feb 11, 2010

Miirkat on resilience

"-Pve gear?
-The jury is still out on that. If you do use PVE gear it would have to be only off pieces (rings, neck, etc). I think a lot of people like the Ashen Verdict ring.

Also, having a strong PVE trinket on top of using Medallion works well.

I think the consensus for the most part is that many ferals will be aiming for Resilience cap of 1410, if not, 1200+ resil."

words of wisdom.

HTF2 update

I will finish the movie soon, but i found a very annoying problem during the process of editing. It looks like my hdd (the only thing i did not replace of all HW) were and is giving me troubles during records, so there will be some 0.5-1 sec lags while watching the full movie :( It is very rare, and not that of a big deal, but noticable if you look closely. Technical difficulties grrr.

Still i am keeping the footages, i have already put in tremendous amount of work into editing them, and the fights in it were performed (ego here it comes) quite perfectly.

I still have to record some nice duels (no more rogue duels!) with a frost mage or with a spriest and some more bg/arena. (spikey also wants to be in it, maybe i can squeeze him into the missing 11 secs of the intro hmm)

PVA..ermm E

waffless on icc progress

HNNNG! by Brosaly

time to stop those hectic arena games (and swearing about countercomping) and watch this funny wcm movie with plenty of retri pala action and with awful(but awesome in a way) music and stories.


5/5 for me.

cAt drUid iS 4 FiTe

Feral armory pages i check out often:




Looks like everyone is going heavy resilience. Looking back my arena games and stats, it is understandable. Feral has fewer defensive cooldowns, and spell damage is our bane. Barkskin is dispellable/spellstealable, S.Instincts is notorious when it fades, it drops your health back to 1 hp (activated at low hp).

I am holding onto my Woodin L. Necklace and Ashen V. ring for now, but even with them i will be able to increase my resi to 1200~ in a few weeks. Maybe i am getting rid of the arp trinket still don’t know.

Feb 9, 2010

Friendly world arena games

So we formed different teams and fought against each other in Nagrand arena (world) yesterday. It was fun, and reminded me why is it so good to hang out with friends online. Good laughs, good fights. And we won with Hendi. That too.


Feb 7, 2010

The Coldbear Report

Coldbear was kind enough to give me a good tip, what to buy as a replacement for my Revolution mouse, so it is the least i could do is to shamelessly advertise his site (without his knowing), especially when it does contain great informations:)


You can follow his post, on the right-bottom side of my blog from now on.

3.3.2 toughest classes

-mm hunters
-spriests (1400 res, 3k spdmg, -15%dmg from sform hello?)
-destro and affliction locks and yes elemental shamans
-protretri paladins

at least for me. What i cannot comprehend, why blizz had to buff back lock and elems dmg after resilience change. I still get lava bursted for 7.5k (with a 4k chain lighting followup). Destro lock's conflag dot crit is critting for 1k+. Not that these classes were not viable before..