Feb 27, 2010

2k in 3v3

yea after some serious raging:D We were getting +6 and +7 points when we lost a match for -20 :P There were one alakir TSG we couldnt handle, and some PHD(hunter-dk-pala) teams giving us trouble.
I recorded a better match against spellcleave, already edited into the movie.
it is around 85%, soon to be finished and encoded. tbh i lost the eagerness to work on it in the last days, some IRL issues over here. and work. and exams. still..
not giving up:)

Feb 26, 2010

My current stats (cat)


Shadowdance ptr

I’ve spent quite a time practicing the new shadowstep, and I have to tell you, it is pretty, wicked good.

untitled Strenghts: insane combo point generation,powerful dots(800~ each blees, rupture can crit), best stunlocker, awesome cc combos, speed and mobility, shadowdance, low energy req. abilities (40 energy ambush, bs and ghostly strike, 30 energy on hemo)

Weaknesses: relies heavily on physical damage, no poison dispel resistance, unreliable waylay snare, positional requirements, roots are biggest enemy(no shadowstep)

I think I will persuade Free to play 2v2’s as SHD with me.

Feb 25, 2010

Why feral and not resto?

because we are another kind of animal

Nature’s Grasp x3

New PTR change, it has 3 charges. More dispel coverage, more DR on roots and clever use of root cc’s. I am not sure if this was needed.

imageAnyway, there is a small internal cooldown to prevent a fast hitting enemy, like a rogue to consume all charges at once, when in melee range.

It is gonna be fun to chase resto druids with this up:)

No Fanatic on World Championship

World of Warcraft: H2k Gaming at CeBIT

Unfortunately the World of Warcraft team of Fnatic.WoW will not makte it to the World Championship at CeBIT next week. They placed third at the American Championship Finals and qualified with three other teams for the World Championship.
Since the fifth and sixth placed teams, compLexity.red and Loaded.WoW, aren't able to replace fnatic on short notice, a European team steps in. Rocknroll pigtails is the next team on the list, but isn't able to travel to Germany too. So finally Europe's seventh H2k-Gaming WoW was selected to fill fnatic's gap in group A.

Button Bashers vs. Mousesports

asia grand final


Yesterday there were a lot of comp like MSports was playing. Hunter/dk/Paladin. A real nightmare for double melee, frost trap aura and the floor full of desecrations, with freedomed hunter disengaging and Dk COI-ing if needed. I think we should stick to the DK, early sap on pala, cyclone on hunter to ensure priest can land a fear on him, then cyclones on paladin, kill DK. hmm

Feb 24, 2010

Mangle spec

Some people like it, so here it is. Its a good combo generator spec, without all the positional hassle for shred, but somehow lacks the spiking burst of an original shred spec. Not my favorite, but that is just me.manglespec


Feb 23, 2010

3.3.3 subtetly rogue theorycrafting

So, with the upcoming sub changes i think sub rogues will be very viable.

  • Rupture: The damage-over-time component of this ability can now produce critical strikes.

  • Filthy Tricks: Now Reduces the cooldown by 5/10 seconds and energy cost by 5/10 of Tricks of the Trade, Distract and Shadowstep abilities, and reduces the cooldown of Preparation by 1.5/3 minutes.

  • Ghostly Strike: If the rogue has a dagger equipped, this ability now deals 180% weapon damage instead of 125%.

  • Hemorrhage: If the rogue has a dagger equipped, this ability now deals 160% weapon damage instead of 110%.

  • Slaughter from the Shadows: Now adds 1/2/3/4/5% damage to all attacks in addition to its current effects.

  • Waylay: The debuff from this talent can now be caused by Backstab in addition to Ambush.

Envenom will be reduced in effectiveness for them, because they cannot spend more then 10~ points in assassination talent tree. They will be losing:

-Vile poisons(not sure, some may keep it): No more dispel resistance on poisons, abolish ftw, just look out for caster form vulnerability –> shadow dance stunlock

-Cold Blood, Quick Recovery: Less healing on them, one less 100% crit ability. But with good CP generation and fairly often finishers(possibly Eviscerate) it is not that of a nerf

-Fleet Footed: This is huge. No more 30% reduction on movement impairing effects, and don’t they cannot shadowstep while rooted. Also –15% speed inc. loss, which can be fixed more or less with a 8% speed inc, enchant on boots (and those 20 sec cd shadowsteps will haunt you).

-Deadly Brew: With the new backstab change, 8 sec waylay debuff will cover this talent loss. Or they can still use crippling.

-No more Mutilate, and Master Poisoner

They will be gaining:

Stronger eviscerate: +20% dmg, +10% crit, to be used fairly often.

Puncturing wounds, Sinister Calling: +30% crit on backstab. With a decently geared rogue, this means ~65% crit chance on backstab(maybe even more). Even with resilience, we are talking about 50% crit chance on BS, nice. Also SC buffs damage even further.

Blood Spatter, Serrated Blades: +60% dmg on Rupture, its ticks capable of critting. The loss of envenom is pretty much covered, and calculate in a 5 stack deadly on top of it… Also stronger Garrotes.

Ghostly Strike: With glyph its an even more of a heavy hitter ability that gives 15% of dodge for 7-11(glyphed)seconds with a 20-30(glyphed) seconds of cooldown. The plus dodge in itself is very very good.

Hemorrhage: With dagger, heavy hitter and increases PHYSICAL damage on target.

Master of Subtetly: +10% damage while and after being stealthed, for 6 seconds. With 4 sec cd on stealth, prepa vanish and shadowdance this buff will be up often.

Shadowstep: No energy req., 20 sec cd ability that teleports the rogue with +70% speed increase within 25 yards. It is better than catstep in every aspect, and ignores any kind of path calculation (not los) between targets. Also buffs damage.

Slaughter from the Shadows, Filthy Tricks: 45 energy backstabs, 30 energy hemorrhages also buffs damage by 5%.

Shadowdance: Godlike ability, underrated and undermastered. Its duration can be increased by 2 seconds via glyph. Ambush spam anyone?


The ideal Sub Rogue will use Dagger in main hand to ambush and backstab, hemo and ghostly strike when cannot get behind of target. Will use heavy hitter axe or sword in offhand. He will rely a lot on stunlocks, shadowsteps to force enemies into defensive while bleeding them with rupture, dp and garrote. He will be able teleport out of dange just like a feral charging out of the fray onto totems, pets and bypassers. He will have all the combo points in the world and will be totally countering any other type of rogues.

Talent will look something like this:



RNG Party (hungarian WLD, that couldnt attend to ESL Europe wow champ.ship) transferred to Stormstrike along with Rocknroll Pigtails (The A Team- Exerion, Enigmz, Bloódx) and keeping rank 1 there for the past few weeks with insane stats (they went 55-4~ from 2.2k to 2.8k) I watched the armory fight reports and here is one lost match from them. Look at the duration of the match lol.


Feb 22, 2010

Dirty secrets

Feral changes wishlist

Now that Blizz is destroying feral class homogenization with the upcoming rogue buffs (bleed crits , no energy shadowsteps) there are some changes i ‘d like to see as well.

-Feral Aggression is a 3 point talent

-Imp. Mangle is a 1 point talent

-Primal Gore passive talent and affects Rake

-Demo. Roar revisited

-Feral FF is capable of destroying totems (normal totems, not stoneclawed)

-Abolish poison ticks every 2 seconds (even at a reduced dura)

-Survival Instinct fade effect, reduce % remaining of HP, not a static number

basically that’s it, nothing extreme.