Mar 19, 2010

How to… HTF2

Here are some pictures on my initial plans for HTF2. Some silly/wicked ideas heh.Picture 002 Picture 003

Btw thank you all for you support and for your comments. The movie was made for you, and I am more than happy that many of you enjoyed this silly compilation. I have a few really tough irl weeks ahead of me, but a next movie may happen this summer.

Mar 17, 2010

Night elf –> Tauren

WoWScrnShot_031610_165055So faction change is done, and I have joined the horde for future glories:)

We immediately did an IF raid, and clashed with Botxd and Inhalation with their little anti raid:P I already got invited into Unknown Idols, thanks guys. All in all everybody is very kind and funny, I really loving the horde side so far, especially my “little” furry moocow<3

I left my mage, Pajay in alliance tho.

Mar 16, 2010

How to Feral 2

I am proud to present to you, How to Feral 2. Please visit WCM to watch, comment and rate!



>>HTF2 Wallpaper<<

First let me thank you for your patience as this project went on longer than I originally thought. The movie is (only) 8:41 minutes long, contains arena, bg and rogue duels. Much more action oriented than the first, but with the same strategic tips and guides (presented with more editing and style). I would like to think HTF2 has depth content wise, and a solid replay value as much of the collected HQ footages were recorded and carefully selected through the past months. You will be the real judge of that.

During playback there could be one or two staggering seconds here and there, this is because of my old HDD but nothing too annoying i believe.

I utilized only ~30% of my original feral ideas, moves and combos for the movie, so there could be another in the near future. As our plans currently mean we are leaving to England to work, somewhen around september I still have some time to do it.

Another note, I am changing faction this week, so you might not be able to look me up in the armory or reach me ingame for a short time. I will miss my shadowmeld, but I also have done my tribute to it with this movie.

With all that said, lay back and enjoy How to Feral 2!