Mar 26, 2010

MC cap (L)


yuck, do not need:P

SStep rogues

-DK’s seems to be more powerful, disease cleanse resistance is a big buff

-Many rogues are trying to play shadowstep. You should look out for the bleeds and not trinket kidney, eat stuns more or less, avoid being blind->sap controlled. Backstab and Ambush damage is manageable(bs dmg is a joke), you can bear tank most of it. Keep an eye on S-step, and root is your friend (10sec roots). Imho assassination is still more dangerous.


Mar 25, 2010

Crawling through the 2k mark

2v2’s today were pretty difficult, but we managed to get to 2k. 14 hour night shift drained me, I was reacting pretty slowly to things:) Anyhow, fun fun, and horde side is so much better(great people).


Mar 24, 2010

Balance druids

are a joke now. Join an arena, you’ll see. 30-74k damage with Starfall, while trained. Balance druids cant play? No problem lets make another 1 button class.

Marks of Honor

are now exchangable for Commendation of Service marks, each giving you 185 honor. Problem is you can have only 10 at once in your bags, and you have to click 10 times on them to get the honor then buy another 10 from marks and start over. It is funny and annoying at the same time. I have more then 3 hundred marks, but looking at the other guys beside me doing the same clicking action is just lol.WoWScrnShot_032410_115536


i am starting my 14 hour night shift tonight, gonna be pretty harsh. I would rather play some arenas, but irl and money is priority:PWoWScrnShot_032210_201227

Talking about arenas, it is not going well. Looks like nobody has the free time to commit themselves making a high rated team. We did 6~ games yesterday with Traditional as Feral/Rog/Priest. It was bad. Trad has to get used to healing and dispelling back from his shadow gamestyle. We were not playing our best either, but the lack of healing and dps was disturbing from him.

Oh and i hate when people do not talk about what they are doing in arena. You have to speak up ffs.

Mar 23, 2010

Mar 21, 2010


still lurking here, but a bit slow with updates now:) I’ve spent the weekend with my girl (spent a lot on clothing too heh) grinding reputation lol. Horde is really awesome so far, i don’t have much time to play atm cuz we both work a lot now, even on weekends (yeah today too:(, and i got 3 14hour night shifts coming up next week M-W-F) but i boosted Luptin up to 1800 and started the real deal with Free in 2v2s.WoWScrnShot_032010_200536 We still have an open healerspot for 3’s, Hellbeck is unlikely to get his acc back:(