Apr 22, 2010

Dueling tips - Spriest/Mage

Ahh Mages, my hated and most loved enemies of all. The definition of crowd control, bane of all melee. You win against them by forcing their def. cd's when you want them to happen, and take control of the fights. Most mages still want to kite ferals, keep distance while they not really able to. Powershifting and closing in on them is a must.

I usually start with pounce, force a blink here. You have to be rdy to powershiht the shattered barrier or frostbite, and avoid the first deep freeze. Swap to bear, charge and bash(look out for mirror images cast, and retarget if needed). Try to land Bash from the sides, preferably from behind if you can. Swap back to cat, after this you still have 3.5 secs to land a few specials.

Get combo points and use fero bite as a finisher. Bleeds are a waste of energy and cp until the mage has not used his Ice Block and debuffed himself with Hypothermia. So Shred, Rake and Fero Bite to do as much direct dmg as you can. Force that IB.
If there is a Water Elemental up and close while the mage is in IB, you can swap to it (ill quick focus the mage here before retargeting) to refresh Savage Roar. After IB you can expect a Frost Nova or Pet Freeze.
You will be probably get DFrozen here, you can use trinket(do not barkskin). If Hypthermia is up now is the time to bleed. You will have approx 20~ seconds to bleed you target, and with Blink up the mage will be getting away from you. Feral Charge, powershifts, bleeds is what you have to do now. Most mages will be very low now, if not that youre doing something wrong.
You could get DFrozen the second time, what you have to look out is to pop Barkskin RIGHT BEFORE he releases the shatter combo, and avoid it getting spellstolen.

A good mage will cast. Sound funny isnt it? But its true. He will stay only a yard away, will not try to jump to the other end of the arena or area, he will stop, cast, land those shatters. Spam icelance, mirror image after blink, prepetfreeze->DF before leaving IB, Counterspell silencing your instants. He will spellsteal everything from you, and get Barkskin and Inner at the first try later on.

Shadow Priests Very dangerous. Fight can go easily both ways. You will have to use zerk and trinket cleverly. Remember, you will not zerg down a spriest. Dispersion will stop damage, and will nullify your strat. Zerk the first Fear, eat the Horror effect, continue dmg bleed and shred as much as you can. If you are doing enough dmg dispersion will happen. Now here you can instant cyclone of you want, but he probably will not trinket that. Of course you can try to get a restealth but it is very risky here and you will be almost always be dotted up here. It's better to get some hots rolling with Lifebloom (if he dispels l8 on at least get some heal from it) to baéance out the dots a bit, and keep track when will Dispersion fade. Trinket the second fear and try to finsh him here. If you can't you will lose.
Now good spriests WILL heal. And with no mortal on them they should. They can pretty much outheal your damage after Dispersion, a shield can hold you off until they land some heals. Now, i think you shouldnt care about flash heals, they are out of shadowform they are getting +15% from dmg, flash heal is quite weak. Do interrupt Greater Heals though.


Apr 21, 2010

Dueling tips - Warr/Lock

My strats and experiences against some classes. This is how I handle them, there could be better ways to do it.

" dueling strats against, arms war, wlock(UA and destro), ele shamans, shadow priests, mages"
okay lets get into it:

warriors: its important not to forget, stuns make warriors regen hp. coupled with blood craze and enraged regen thats a decent hp boost. even with that said, pounce probably is the move you will use at start. avoid shouts close in open up with pounce.
mangle rake sr up. if youve started with berserk you can land a few shreds circling around for a nice 5 cp rip. i usually avoid maim, mainly cuz of combo points usage and downtime. if i need another stun, ill use bearbash than swap back to cat.

cat form is great against aoe (-30%) and stuns so you can effectively "tank" bladestorm and charges. i rarely get stunned from charges tho, i stay up close and personal. if there is retaliation popped you can cyclone->trinket->bearbash or it doesnt work out (well timed bladestorm etc) time to pop barkskin.

good warriors use shield and use shield wall. they tank your dps cd's and go all out on you when you burned many of your cooldowns. you can tank downtimes in bear, with savage defense and lacerates, but dont stay to long in it. when you have full energy bar again in cat, time to land those finishers(this is a golden rule all the time). finishers mean instant casts, mean cc, mean control. when you absolutely in danger, check if for you bash or your natures grasp is up. roots can save you, but also heal the warr up. when rooting it is a good idea to get out of los, heal up, restealth and reset the fight.

in nagrand, in 1v1's against warriors, i often play the pillar hug game. pounce mangle rake rip, (extra shred or mangle here for an SR later) los, restealth, repeat. open up with full energy bar, with cd's up, finish him.

Warlock: Without berserk these fights are hard. Good locks will fear even for fragments of seconds to ensure you cannot close up to them and their spells can land on you.

Affli locks: check where are his portal is. remember the location. affli locks will port sooner if you are berserking, they have less defensive cd's then destro(shadowfury, daze effect). i usually focus target his pet, open up with pounce without wasting feral charge. mangle rake TF shred maim. maim will proc instant cast, cyclone the pet, continue dmg. it is a very good idea to pop berserk before you go out to caster to cyclone, lock can trinket and howl of fear you there.

bearcharge-bash the port, know where to chase him:) here you can decide if he is gonna go down in the following seconds or there will be a longer fight. if you are not sure you can take him down, do not trinket the death coil. trinketing fear a few secs later will save your life. long fights will wear you down. i consider affli locks a bit more dangerous than destro.

Destro locks: destro locks are like frost mages. they are real glasscannons, very dangerous. great control, very high damage, teleport. here you have to be extra careful what to trinket. i usually eat shadowfury and death coil. berserk the fear, force a teleport, bearchargebash and trinket only the second shadowfury or landed late fear. you may have to powershift out of conflagrate daze. do not forget where his portal is. bleed is priority, there will long times when you cannot attack the lock, due to his cc.
also pop dash After death coil.

Apr 19, 2010

Quick 1800

low tier wpn for Sacred - check

loved the matches today, especially warri/dk - pala matches lol at our burst. Also we did very very well against double dps teams, and Sacred did quite a few killing blows (thats what i expect from a priest, playing offensively and defensively at the same time).

Spartacus season finale

"there is only but one path. we kill them all."

damn this is a good show:D

Apr 18, 2010


so we have lost good ol' Freelól to Starcraft2 beta :) and have to make good use of the free time we've been given.

For now I've joined Sacred's 2v2, to play the infamous feral / dpriest setup, and boost a few ratings.

Yeah you know that i am not that big fan of healer+dps setups, but this time it may be different. A solid priest is on the team, I am expecting good matches.

Prot retri

Abominations i say, abominations.

+3% crit chance
-3% dmg from Divine Plea glyph
-30% stun duration
+30% dispel resistance
-6% dmg from Righteous Fury talent (improved)
30% dmg share, -20% dmg red partywide Divine Sacrifice
+20% sacred shield absorbtion amount
30 sec cd on HoJ
-3% dmg from Blessing of Sanctuary
Reckoning weapon swings
Holy Shield dmg 8 sec cd, 8 charges
Ardent Defender
Redoubt block value inc., block chance inc.
Combat Expertise, +6% crit chance
+30% crit healing by Touched by the Light
Avenger Shield dmg with glyph
-6% spell dmg fomr Guarded by the Light
-3% dmg from Shield of the Templar
Holy dmg cleave - Hammer of the Righteous 6 sec cd