Apr 30, 2010


so i will be working 11 hours at sunday, 14 hour night shift on monday, 9 + 10 hour double shift on tuesday, 4 hours of work on wednesday

Apr 29, 2010


I am looking at yesterdays match summaries(again), so i thought maybe i could share some my opinions on them.

Feral/priest have to be an agressive setup. Your priest has to help with dps, and play dispelbot all the time. Priest cc is limited, but coupled with charge,cyclone, bash and sometimes even with hibernate it is awesome.
As a feral, your biggest advantage is your shear damage. You don't have mortal, nor do you need it. You can global people, believe me. Prepare situations for yourself. Get ready with SR, and rips. Let energy pool up before berserking. Also do it after enemy trinkets are down, or you have trinket ready, and some CC DR's are on you already.

I often try to wait for my trinket (for my second zerk, first is usually used to put insane pressure put at start to waste enemies cd's), SR up (pref. 20sec+) rake rip, instant cyclone healer (call this out on vent) pop zerk and score a kill.

If you can't kill an enemy, do NOT hesitate to cyclone it, even dps ones. Letting your priest regen and drink, or you getting a restealth or holding up both of them for the times being, is something you have to do. Good example is warri-pala or dk-pala here. Good DK's and warrs have solid survivability, they will shield wall or anti magic shell if their paladin is cc'd. You not only have to pressure very hard, but learn to limit your enemies dps when needed.

Against 2 dps, i try to force them on the defensive very soon. Dont afraid to pop cd's sooner here, cuz zergfest is guaranteed. Try to focus charge casts a lot. Stomp, rake-rip rogues (rip from behind cuz stomp will fade for the moment you can do that)

If there is a rog, i avoid getting sapped with a big circle around the for example enemy priest. My priest usually gets sapped, i wait until there is 5 seconds left of that, and start closing on the enemy priest. I keep up FF on enemy rog with mousover macro OVER gladius target frame. We make a hard switch to the rog a few minutes into the game and score a kill. Until then cuz of the soft switches evasiopns cos and trinket will be down. But if you are not doing enough dmg on the priest (on which you should be 80%~ of the match) he can cast mana burn, holy fire or smite, something you absolutely want to avoid.

Youre priest should pull dps's away from enemy LOS, and call out everything on vent. As should you :)

2v2 - 2k

me-"okay ill be home in 25 minutes lets do this"

sacred-"i was dreaming about us, rated 2525 only taking a little break when you called and woke me up"

Once again so many exciting, aggressive matches, i didn’t have this much fun playing arenas in a very long time! :) (17-9)image WoWScrnShot_042810_231126

Against lock/resto i often start on lock, SR up cyclone lock swap to pet with Sacred (force resto to spread hots), bearcharge health funnel, bash lock zerk dps lock while chaining cc’s on resto.WoWScrnShot_042810_223608

WoWScrnShot_042810_224335I think Sacred made some new friends here (see chatlog:P). I cycloned the mage on 5k, called out a cyclone swap, and we blew up the mage in an instant.

WoWScrnShot_042810_215630Pala/dk. Make sure you pressure the DK most of the game. CC pala, but cc dk when DR is up on paladin. I even cyclone or bleed gargoyle too.


Balance/lock was hard! I was keeping an eye on possible bearcharges on the druid (focus), and pressuring the lock. Stuns are a must here. Lol at our damage/healing, buff us plz.WoWScrnShot_042810_214331

This warri was hitting hard. After some minutes of dmg/peeling (let mortal fall off, cyclone spam, bearcharge, bash) Sac manged to pull the warri behind the sarcophagus.. .PWoWScrnShot_042810_213453

My favorite games are definitely priest/rog. Those are the most dangerous, yet most rewarding games. Some rogue are dishing out so much damage i really have to play my best to peel them off.

Overall we are putting out some serious pressures in the games. I think we are sharing half of the killing blows between each other :P I am very glad Sacred is playing with me, he is awesome. Seriously. :)

Apr 26, 2010

2's 1900~

lol we play 2 hours per week. Shitty jobs right Sacred? :) we went 11-5 yesterday, i loved the matches again. (i started at 1k personal again, no more free boosts for friends now serisouly:) ! )

many 2 dps setups again, elemental sham+rog is kinda difficult but we went 1-1 or something against them anyway(4 min match in the second with insane amount os LOS-ing and resets). we also lost a match against sp-rog. i opened up on the priest, saw sac getting a sap, ran away trying to catstep back on priest flying over the arriving rog, only to get a horror effect, and cs->kid. by the time i trinketed kidney i was like at 20% damn :) but if i remember we blew up another sp-rog nicely. sp's can be pressured.

oh warlock-resto dood was nice too lol. 1 min match. sac was chasing the druid behind the boxes, while i instagibbed the lock in a crazy zerk-pounce-sr-cyclone lock-bleed pet-bearcharge locks health funnel-cat shred rake rip shred spam combo. sacred was dispelling the quick hots, and we've won in an instant:)
aaand we have won against feral-rog :P they gibbed sac, but i managed to kill the rog, and stayed to 1v1 witha feral :)

but the best match was definitely against hpala-dk, with an insane 13 minutes playtime. i was pretty much on the dk all game, swapping cyclones on targets wo/ DR, also cycloning and bleeding gargoyle and standard dk pet.

10 minutes into the match hpala drank himself up to full, the desecrations and COI spams, grip kept us away. even i was getting oom with the constant powershifts. so we dps'd the dk hard, pala came out, ate a few cc's bubbled in the end.

then we made a hard switch onto the pala, maim->bash, and gibbed him in a moment.

ahh good games m8 .) (i youre officially a bs ballers member from now on:P)

oh and the "SC2beta lost" Free was also with us on vent, sending 18 dark zealots on some poor chums base hehh

Apr 25, 2010

Kittycleave strat

"you tunnel vision one while ccing others, only swap when you cannot get to your target ot he gets away"
oh how i love wotlk strats <3

no1 reasone me stalking the Aj forums

Originally Posted by Zybak View Post
Go on the ret, he is the easiest target to stay on and rets are very squishy, shatter the bubble and just train him down, this limits his damage a lot. use cyclones on the hunter and priest.

The classic priest zerg doesn't work on this team because a ret and a hunter are going to buttfuck you if you don't get on one of them.
this is pretty much correct, just throw first cyclone on hunter, second on priest so you have all your bleeds up by that time. after cycloning if you know he will trinket go bear and charge his pennance because priests always use that out of a cc, and have your warrior fear his trinket if he doesn't have fear ward on. switches on the priest can be OK (like if hes going for a fear on your pally), but its extremely situational and mostly just to stop cc, so if you aren't 100% its ok, then don't do it. but yea for the most part train ret and hopefully win. "- Mewnfare

The Grind 3

part 2 . 7:00 + is ROFL.