May 8, 2010

My ideal cataclysm feral

-feral charge bear and interrupt effect still on a 15 sec CD
-maim and bash gains pummel effect, maim on the default 10 sec cd while bash cd can be increased to 60 sec cd (50sec talented)
-mushroom can be cast and triggered in forms
-stampeding roar with snare remove effect on party
-feral aggression 3 points
-improved mangle 1 point
-perseverance 3 points
-KoJ still gives shapeshift cost reduction
-feral charge valid path req. change, similar to shadowstep

May 7, 2010


finally. after 3 weeks. with a starting 89 gold. spent 12.500g on vendor items +2k gold on mats. ITS MINE.


May 6, 2010

Overpowered much?



new type of cata wizardcleaves, owlcleaves. this is just ridiculously OP.

and lets not talk about resto hybrids,,11927

Car crash

i crashed into another this morning :(
not that much of a damage, but still have to get a spare for the bumper

Feral talent calc. cataclysm alpha

get to the choppa. GO. NOW.,,11927

quick spec,Mqy,11927

fungal growth balance, fury of the stormrage resto BALANCED


May 3, 2010

Yeah its exploration night ! :P

GM Island

another way. all credit to owner of vid

Wormhole taxi

all credit to Vuljor of mmowned*

cast engineering wormhole
mount up passenger mount (mechano, mammoth)
friends hop on mount
choose destination, travel (only in northrend)

taking notes

on new tricks and stratz for htf 3 ^^ damn these are all gonna be insane hard to accomplish lol


i don't know i think im sick in a way. a racial spell way. i won't be able to exclude footages of me warstomping rogues out of stealth:D lately shadowmeld now this :P

tbh i kinda like stomp better. it has so many uses, in so many situations. even is shares stun DR, it is a lifesaver. especially against evasioning rogues :P a rake and rip lands just in time before its effect fades :)

also i am very happy with my current arena teammates. we played some 3v3 yesterday (gf in background, kissing and hugging me with no bras on HARD TO CONCENTRATE) we met a lot of tsg's.

i think we did pretty well, considering not one of us was playing without a HANGOVER :D

11-8 mediocre at first maybe, but we are getting along just fine, i see teammates are excellent players. very good mood too! :)

I have

a hectic day at work. Almost all applications, work processes generate errors. Damn its not my day.

The Owlbeast trailer

lol looks nice