May 14, 2010


i successfully intalled DD-WRT (which is a third party developed, opensource router firmware) on my new Linksys router, and atm i am using net on my wlan laptop, through repeater wlan bridge connection, on a secluded,extra second wlan network.
damn this thing rocks.

Drakedog 9 / BlogPoll

finally i could watch it, and i loved it. Vurtne has a real talent editing videos, it is a very enjoyable flick.

On an other note, as you can see i started a little poll on the site. Im curious what are you thinking about the current balance of pvp, are melee / ranged-caster classes fine atm? Is there any favorism from developers side?
So if you have a few seconds, do not hesitate to participate!
Thank you for voting and for visiting the blog ! :)

May 13, 2010


Sry for the lack of updates recently :)
I am working (as usual) but i will get around posting soon :)
Thank you for your patience!:)

May 9, 2010

New pop-up image style on blog

wizzcleaves btw <33


Im looking for a priest named SACRED

He is supposed to be my partner in 2's!

Anybody seen him?


Well, yesterday's performance was terrible:P

Only TSG, Wizard cleave and beast cleave nothing else. In the end we managed to win over wizcleaves, with 4-5minute matches and insane losing, yelling on vent, resetting, restealthing (Eu got gibbed in deathcoli, me in warstomp) only to gain 10 points :P

Then we lost 35 sec TSG matches for -21. Lol.

1880 in the end, we'll get them next time.