Jun 4, 2010

Hungary 2010

try to follow me here.

i pay monthly credit fee for my car.
i have Y sum back to pay in total.

guy crashes into my car. it is totaled.
repair cost is greater then the half of the car's current worth.

the insurance company declares it an economical totalcrash.

he only pays 50% of the current worth as insurance.
lets call this money X.

bank declares i ruined his property. he wants all the credit back in once.
i have to pay Y.

insurance gives the money to bank.

bank punishes me for being at a bad place at a bad time (i have no responsibility for the CRASH, im innocent)

i have to pay another 50k to the bank as punishment.

i own a wreckage.
i am -50k.

go figure.

Jun 2, 2010

update on my car

insurance won't be paying me a forint, cuz i have my car on trust , and i am paying mothly sum for another 5 months.
this means insurance money goes to the bank, and i will 100% own a wreckage.


stealthcleave movie.

Jun 1, 2010

some asshole totaled my car


i own a fucking wreckage now

no right wheel no door the whole thing shifted and broke

May 31, 2010


i've found the scrshot from the other day, when i was drunk and logged on to try to talk to Perecz rofl


no luck getting a Storm Titan in my Miniature order (random ftl)


moment, Sry in advance.

I just wanted to thank you all, for visiting the site,commenting and participating in the wow and irl adventure.

Also, thanks to all my friends for being such a great guys and girls.


i've officially finished my thesis work.
handing it in tomorrow morning:)


new gadgetzan waohhh Rprprp


sometimes it happens

starfalls under BOP
frost mage + retri paladin

so many nice antimelee teams today

i quitted all my arena teams and pretty much went qq

used skype


the customer support girl <3

waoh top service and cute voice :)

the whole thing almost did worth it xd

ive got hacked again

with authenticator this time

May 30, 2010


another night i totally feel i’m shit, and i shouldn’t play arena or wow whatsoever.