Jun 12, 2010

A world shaken

something personal happened, which i can't disclose.
but i am in pain, and not in the physical type.

i may need a few days to sort things out.

Jun 10, 2010

Resilience rog of the day

he may die more slowly but he would die anyway :)


i haven't even thought about this

"PvE-wise i think Feral Charge (Bear) is gonna play a very big role in a cat dps rotation in a fight where you have to move a little bit. Haste is also increasing your energy-reg-rate and 30% more haste for 8 seconds doesn't sound that bad for a global.
And yep, just like Blackmagic wrote, Rake and Rip will scale with haste-rating. "
from AJ

if a successful bearcharge will really haste energy regen.. waoh well i like it

Tier 2 rog talent

Blackjack (2 points) - Even after your Sap wears off, its effects linger on enemies, reducing their damage done by 25/50% for 5 seconds.

Cataclysm Ferals

there will be quite a few new combos available.

ravage (+25% crit on target above 90% hp) catstep ravage from non-stealth (improved charge) :) hm nice

pounce mangle sr cyclone restealth open rip rake full (+6sec rake yumi) go bear stack lacerates --> pulverize (heavy dmg, +10% crit)

i like this talent

i don't like 50 energy shred tho (up from 42)

Going Cata


i have to admit feral rog priest looks stronger than ever!!


aww it was a very bad performance yesterday.

not we were on top of our game but we went 6-11 or something.

protwarr hpala
afflilock hpala 3x (jesus last match was 24 mins long, what to do against them ANY tips?)
protretri resto shaman
wizzcleave on rov (gotta love moving columns)
sp+rog (which we shouldve won)
mage priest 2x (1-1)


anyway not giving up.

Jun 9, 2010


okay i've spent the last hour calculating on paper
i am going to make some gear changes gaining another 2% crit +150~ agi +60AP +5% ARp
my resi will stay around 1110-1170.
more later!

Jun 8, 2010


I have so many things to post about, only my online time is limited.
I wanted to write this for 3 days now lol..

Welcome to BS-Horde, Marrauder (or Ray :D) another great feral i was lucky to fight with and against in the past months, in x-bg's.
He joined us a few days ago on Bloodscalp and it is great to know there is another feral i can count on, and fight efficiently with :)


still here