Jun 16, 2010

A book closed

5 years of happy and balanced relationship. I am very sad we had to end it, but I am glad we did it with such love, dignity and understanding.

It was and you were a precious part of my life, you are an amazing person, kind, funny and beautiful.

I will remember as it was. Warm, happy and loving.

I hope you will find your shining stars, and fulfill every dreams. I understand you needs and happy you were honest with me.



Jun 15, 2010


i called one of my friends Árpi yesterday, in need of friendship and support and he told me "i'll be there in 15" instantly..

later Viktor invited me over to grill and cook with them in the afternoon..

this morning Szandra invited me over, she also did me a full breakfast and chocolate milk..

i love you all.

Staring at the ceiling