Jun 26, 2010

Bloodx A

I've never thought I'm gonna be playing this CC tactic in 3's but I kinda do.

Leaving a feral to restealth, pounce-maim-cyclone-healer go assist while my warrior unleashes all his rage on his target is painful.
Also we are over 1900.

Clipper 4 - The Revolt

a little rog pvp action, but in what every reader would be more interested in are , feral-rog arenas at 2.4k mmr!


It's good to be back

1835 in 3's, joined up with warr/hpala. There are some seriously needed gearupgrades in the team, but the setup is fun and heavyweight.
I enjoyed today's matches, we had fun.

Jun 22, 2010


hey all, sry things were a bit hectic as you saw.

i am coming back in a few days, maybe coerce Free to join once again:)

i am better i will be okay. so bear with me, blog is coming alive soon.


so she visited me tonight in secret :) stayed for a while, holding hands and cuddling, supporting as always.. felt good felt alive gave strength

Jun 21, 2010


From Heaven to Hell.

Falling, standing, climbing back once again.