Jul 9, 2010


So I am here, getting ready for Balaton. And the thoughts are circling in my head.
-read more l8r-

Jul 8, 2010

Dreams yo

Casting while running



Cata madness is in the air. More and more infos emerge every day. For example it seems LB will be stackable only on 1 target.

"Lifebloom can only be stacked on one target, and is refreshed by a Nourish cast.

Tree of Life, now a 5 minute cooldown, lasting 45 seconds, increasing armor by 120% and applying a 50% snare. Will enhance the following spells:

Lifebloom now adds two stacks per application.
Regrowth is Instant.
Wrath has its cast time reduced by 50% and its damage increased by 30%
Wildgrowth will now affect two more targets
Roots now is instant cast, dealing 200% damage."

Interesting, i do not like the new LB though.

Balaton Sound

So we are heading out to Balaton lake tomorrow for concert. Chemical Brothers and Paul van Dyke. Gonna get back on Saturday.

Jul 6, 2010

Work & Life

I've just started in a new role and I have very little free time. Even when i get home i only eat , wash up and head back to town every night to spend some time with friends and so.
I'll try to blog whenever I can :) ty for being patient and visiting me so often :)

Jul 5, 2010

DK Gargoyle

petfollow and retargeting makes the DK gargoyle attack another target.
didn't know that.