Sep 3, 2010


the movie, the music, the ideas are coming together nicely.

Neans will be helping me out with intro graphics (pro graphic designer hey!), and I am planning the storyline every day.
It's simple but requires a lot of editing in vegas, after effects and in photoshop. I will see how much free time i will have to work on it. (exams are coming up in september so in this month probably not much)
I already have the intro music, and most of the video music too.

Release date? Now I'd say early November, maybe sooner.

Sep 1, 2010

HTF3 in the works

ah it feels good to be back at editing.
already tested a few settings to maximize video quality, and i'm pretty happy with the results.
so far, footages are great, i think you all gonna like them.

and a few random details:

-no more trance. this time, heavy metal.
-length gonna be around 8-15 mins (15mins max)
-i'll try to keep duels to a minimum, mostly there will bg and arena
-fast paced action
-usual HTF tricks and moves in action

Aug 30, 2010


Just a few days, and I am upgrading the HDD to a better one. Hopefully I can make lagless recordings after that (though Yworl may be right i should disable all those addons i've been using :)) he was almost raging that i should remove mik's scrolling combat text:P dunno..maybe he's right)
So about the new movie. Should I have enough time to edit, I will be using a Max Payne novel graphic presented storyline (something you could see in Bebep fire mage movies), and a mix of bg and arena action.
The featured comps will be chosen from the following list:
feral-destro (lol)

As i have very little free time nowadays, my best bet on the release date is around November.


So we fixed the 2's rating back to 2.2k with Zen, playing my stable 2's comp for the .. well 6 seasons? hehe
Blipz is settling in at college, I hope we can play some 3v3 games during the week.
As long as i know there are 10000~ active 3v3 teams in our Battlegroup now, so you have to get to the top 50 to get glad title. Which means a 2600+ team. Something I am very very far from. So no Glad for me again, but I am not a real arena material tbh:)
If I would have really wanted it, I could have played resto with some kind of wizzcleave up to a decent rating I'm sure.. But you know me, still in love with feral, I guess I'm a bit silly and stubborn too doing so.
I owe a big thanks to all my teammates during the season, for all the laughs and all the tears. Seriously they also could have played some other comp than anything with a feral in it :)