Sep 11, 2010

Glyphified (cata)

Prime Glyphs:
Berserk - Increases duration by 5 seconds.
Insect Swarm - Increases damage by 30%
Lifebloom - Increases crit chance by 10%.
Mangle - Increases damage by 10%
Moonfire - Increases periodic damage by 20%.
Regrowth - The HoT portion will automatically refresh if the target is at/below 25% HP.
Rejuv - Increases healing done by 10%.
Rip - Increases damage done by 15%.
SR - 3% additional bonus to SR.
Shred - Each Shred will extend Rip by 2 seconds, up to 6 seconds.
Starfire - Increases duration of Moonfire by 3 seconds, up to 9 seconds.
Starsurge - When Starsurge does damage, the cooldown on Starfall is reduced by 5 seconds.
Swiftmend - SM no longer consumes Rejuv/Regrowth
Wrath - Wrath does 10% additional damage on targets affected by IS

Barkskin - Reduces the chance to be crit by melee attacks by 25% for the duration.
Claw - Reduces energy cost by 5 energy.
Entangling Roots - Reduces cast time by 100%.
Focus - Increases Starfall damage by 10%, reduces radius by 50%
Frenzied Regen - While active, increases healing taken by 30% but no longer converts rage into healing. (/tear)
Healing Touch - When you HT, reduces the cooldown on Nature's Swiftness by 5 seconds.
Hurricane - Slows victims by 50%
Innervate - When Innervate is cast on a friendly target other than the caster, the caster gains 50% of the Innervate's effect.
Maul - Hits a secondary target for 50% damage.
Monsoon - Reduces the cooldown by 3 seconds.
Rake - Prevents targets from fleeing.
Rebirth - Target is returned with 100% health.
Solar Beam - Increases duration of silence effect by 5 seconds.
Starfall - Reduces cooldown by 30 seconds.
Thorns - Reduces cooldown by 20 seconds.
Wild Growth - Affects 1 additional target.

Aquatic Form - Form speed increased by 50%.
Challenging Roar - Reduces cooldown by 30 seconds.
Dash - Reduces cooldown by 20 seconds.
Mark of the Wild - Reduces mana cost by 50%
Typhoon - Reduces mana cost by 8% and increases radius by 10 yards, but no longer knocks back.
Unburdened Rebirth - Rebirth no longer requires a reagent.

Unmercey 9

call me a fanboy but this guy can play.

Aeias and Akrios

Aeias and Akrios By Aeias - World of Warcraft Movies

Sep 10, 2010

Troll Racial - Regeneration

"So, as you all know, I play a Shaman. I'm currently the best geared Shaman in the world and I have multiple world DPS records on WowMeterOnline. So I go into this Battleground because I feel like gracing my battlegroup with my presence, right? Everyone is cheering as I enter. They don't bother putting down a mage table or healthstone because they know that they're not going to need it--I, the Darkness, has come.

So I cast Lightning Shield on myself, because that's what Shamans do. They call down MOTES OF ELECTRICITY FROM THE HEAVENS and they SURROUND THEMSELVES with DEADLY AMOUNTS OF LIGHTNING! All of my teammates are instantly electrocuted to death, but me? I merely bathe in the energy; it is my plaything. Even though my teammates are now charred corpses, they continue to cheer, because they know that I can solo this. The gates open. I run in. With Ghost Wolf, my movement speed is increased by


Horde sees me run by but they can't do anything about it because I'm a ghost and I'm wolfing at


a Blood Elf Paladin with Crusader Aura on bubbles and flees in terror when he sees me traveling at


They can hear the howl of my ghost wolf. They are all cowering--no, literally, they type the /cower emote and just stand there--as I cap the Stables. I cast WATERWALKING on myself--WATERWALKING, like Jesus, and I careen towards the Blacksmith. The Horde there see me coming and they just /afk the !@#$ out. I put down my totems before I start capping Blacksmith's flag. A Rogue tries to sap me--


The Rogue is engulfed in flame as my Searing Totem SEARS him from the inside out! His leather clothing EXPLODES in a rain of fire that spirals around my beautiful female Draenei form as I continue to cap the Blacksmith. The fire rips through the Rogue's bones, but it doesn't even consider touching me--why? Because I've got


A Warlock swoops in in Demon Form and tries to Conflag me but his Conflag does 0 damage to me because of


A Troll Mage Slowfalls in and he Pyroblasts me but it is ineffective because of


Blacksmith caps. I mount up on my KAEL'THAS MOUNT--no, literally, I ride Kael'thas around, the Blood Elf--and head over to Farm, because I feel like eating some potatoes.


Just then, I see something through my Sentry Totem. It's the WoW General Forums! --People are complaining about how overpowered I am! They're saying that Shamans need to be nerfed. I smirk.

That's when I decide to take out my HAND OF RAGNAROS.


I slam the Hand of Ragnaros down into the ground. Arathi Basin shatters like glass--the ground falls out from under me. The fabric of SPACE itself CRUMBLES beneath my feet. I cackle as I enter the REAL REALM, becoming a TRUE ENTITY existing ON THE PLANET EARTH. I am a Draenei walking around New York--the cops try to stop me, but they forget all about me when they take a gander at my



But then, in the spaces between the gathering crowds, I see something. Someone. The smirk on my face deteriorates. .. it's one of the Horde. A Troll.

I thought I had destroyed Arathi Basin. I thought I had won the Battleground. But all that time--

--But all that time--...

.. there he was. Just standing there. Regenerating 5, health,



I glared at the Troll.

The Troll glared back at me.

Silence flooded the world.

"And there's nothing you can do about it," the Troll whispered."

"I apologize, jk I'm not sorry at all, jk I am"

back to (whatcleave is this called lol) warr-feral-hpala.
playing it with Neans (TOO SOON EXECUTUS) and Snoei (hardcore warrior beast).
can't wait.

Snoei is very good, his only problem is the draenei fetish he has. Every time he sees one, he will not stop until it dies. Don't ask.

Moving on.

Arena teams are increasing in number. Everyone want to get some decent ratings before the season ends. So it is harder to play, we are getting +6's for wins, and lose-17's for a loss. Uphill battle, but we are climbing back on the ladder slowly (and we are talking about 2.2k~ sry no hc ratings :D ).