Sep 24, 2010

No more poly immunity

on PTR. Things are still not clear, there are several stories.
What is almost sure, druids can be polyed,hexed in caster from which you can't shift out.


this game is "fine"

Sep 20, 2010


at 2050 in 3's. Snoei got his shoulders, congrats! (btw well deserved)

we are at 2100mmr, met many 2.3k-2.6k teams yesterday. i think we did good, cleaved hard: P
we like to force trinkets on resto druids then swap onto or off them leaving them cycloned.
also we are getting the hang of charging heals after each other with Snoei.
it looks awesome too! :)

oh and everybody talks english, cuz the team is international, feels so pro (even we are not haha)

and here is a gem if you want to replay arena games in a graphical combat log format
(Atrox Arena Viewer)

Sep 19, 2010

nice ratings!


Latest Cata build

  • Lacerate base damage increased by 200%, DoT damage reduced by 200%./so bad/
  • Flight Form now costs 8% of base mana, down from 13% of base mana.
  • Swipe (Bear) now costs 30 Rage, up from 15 Rage. /come on, warrs and bears are rage starving badly, why do this?/
  • Skull Bash now has a 13 yards range, down from 18 yards. /i wonder if they can nerf this even further, probably they can, they do every in every build bah, and what about the bearcharge interrupt dead for dure?/
  • Aquatic Form now costs 8% of base mana, down from 13% of base mana.
  • Travel Form now costs 8% of base mana, down from 13% of base mana.
  • Mangle (Bear) now deals 230% normal damage, up from 115%. additional damage increased by 100% (eg. from 333 to 667) /good/
  • Berserk now causes your Mangle (Bear) to have no cooldown and has an additional effect - Your Lacerate periodic damage has a 30% chance to refresh the cooldown of your Mangle (Bear) ability and make it cost no rage. /omg this so bad/
  • Feast of Flesh is now named Blood in the Water.
  • Shapeshifter is gone.