Oct 6, 2010

Just saying


It's no secret

That one of my favorite, active rogue in the game is Mahiko-san.

Arena, HTF3 and other updates

So the end of the season in approaching pretty fast, and we still have to play some 3's ;) Too bad it is Neans's turn now to study, so we are somewhat unable to play.

I started a new character (my 3rd character lol) a female blood elf rogue(i'm an idiot yes) which is at 17 and kinda nice (already macroe'd every single ability rofl). It is a fresh experience, but I am not unfamiliar with the class. I learned from, played with and against Lorinel in the good old days. As of now, I intend to level her up, just like my mage for Cata, but who knows how much free time IRL will give me.

I bought a 1 TB HDD for pvp recordings (just a note, win 7 DOES NOT handle more then 4 PRIMARY PARTITIONS bad bad bad bad use a mix of primaries and logicals), it is very stable and fast.

On the recordings. Up until now I have very little GOOD footage. I am very unlucky so far, and I never record preplanned pvp situations. Still as I now have a little bit of more free time, will continue to work on it.

Oct 5, 2010

Pajay Pvp 1

My first pvp video...ever.
As level 60 mage.
I would highlight the part against High Warlord Molokay, High Warlord Gromph, High Warlord Lorog and another rog, with my best IRL friend, playing Lorinel, the rogue. : )
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