Oct 16, 2010

Shred Ravage macro 4.0.1

It is driving me nuts, but I still can't do it. Not fully I mean. [stampede] is actually a valid macro modifier.
/cast [stealth] Ravage, [nostealth,stampede] Ravage

btw you can [stampede]Ravage from any directions.
now i need shred in there somehow.

Can't touch me

my class is (dancing) fun!<333

Ravage - Shred macro 4.0.1

/cast [nostealth] Shred; [stealth] Ravage

Oct 14, 2010

Join the darkside

Kill ALL pets.
(they are SQUISHY)

Feral Feedback

First of all <3. style="color: rgb(153, 153, 255);">Bear Form
[Cat Form]Mangle(Cat Form)
[Cat Form]Skull Bash(Cat Form)
#showtooltip ?

I am playing a spec with Pulverize. Pulverize is well mediocre atm. It consumes all Lacerates on target, hits ~Mangle dmg, and the crit buff falls OFF leaving bear form. It has no cd which is good tho.
Lacerate ticks are very low now, but they refresh mangle-bear.
Maul is now a 30 rage cost attack which hits for nice dmg. Mangle is also good even with its cd.
I reforged all my items for Mastery. I have 16~ points in it which is a huge buff to all dots. Bleeds crit for 5ks~, more then my direct dmg Shred.
Instant root is awesome, but do consumes Pstrike proc charges which is bad.
I can tranquility for 6ks and it even gives a hot effect too now.
You can unleash a world of pain (as everyone else) in seconds. Go for big FBs and Stampede Ravages. Use Bash instead of Maim(35 energy is a lot).

Thorns. Well lol. Still not sure EU servers was featuring nerfed or not nerfed version of Thorns around 3am, but I was literally killing myself on Balance Druids. It is hitting 2-3k per hit, balance was only using natures grasp, barkskin and thorns the whole duel lol. On the other hand, rogues died hitting me too.

Stealth. Is now equal for all classes. I could and did open on rogues. Nice!

Skull Bash. Now this is something that brings tears to the eyes. Not for only it a very good interrupt, but it is a second mini charge. It has 13 yards range, which is awesome. I am using a mouseover macro for this too.

Pvp gloves. It only reduces Cat Form Skull Bash energy cost now, Bear Form is still 14 rage (LOT).

Casters are tough. Fire mage dmg is high, frost mages can chain ILance you for 6ks. Deep Freeze is pretty much = death.
Warriors are.. sorry pathetic. I had brought Snoei 100-0 down in seconds no matter how we fought. Their knockdown is good (5secs) but they practically do no dmg , they cannot keep up with the insane bursts now out there.

So go out, practice a lot, swap strategies (and reforge stats) and be prepared that everyone has insane, improved damage. (hello Starsurge, hello Chaos Bolt!!!)

Oct 13, 2010

Opener combo

"The opener combo of Stealth Charge --> pounce --> auto-crit ravage --> mangle --> shred --> TF --> FB/rip is downright brutal opener damage."

Bugs and first US reactions about ferals

"My roots are aoe, not sure why.
Stampede buff activates but doesn't enable ravage.
Can't learn insect swarm
If you glyph roots and get a PS proc, casting an instant roots will waste your PS proc (even though the roots has no cast time).
Glove bonus only reduces rage cost of SB by 1 instead of 10. Energy component is fine."

Looks like we all should be prepared that this buff will nerf feral more than buff it. Mewn said even we had gained a kick, we lost like 30% damage and ferals have to sacrifice a pile of stats to convert it to mastery. Which almost gives back our ORIGINAL damage.
Mages are ice lance spam killing ferals 100-0 in one Deep Freeze. So spell damage will be out of hands just as expected.

More will be know when EU servers are up, or when more AJ posts come in.

Skulll Bash macros

I've spent an hour setting up macros, empty slots for the new abilities, sőell ids for the addons yesterday. Char is as ready as it can be for the patch. I am arriving home very late, so until then here are a few tips and macros for all of you.

Focus SB

/cast [stance:1, target=focus, modifier:alt] Skull Bash(Bear Form): [stance:1] Skull Bash(Bear Form)
/cast [stance:3, target=focus, modifier:alt] Skull Bash(Cat Form): [stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form)

#showtooltip skull bash
/cast [target=focus][stance:3] Skull Bash(Cat Form)
/cast [target=focus][stance:1] Skull Bash(Bear Form)

/cast [stance:1]Skull Bash(Bear Form);[stance:3]Skull Bash(Cat Form)

Oct 12, 2010

HTF3 sneak peek

just a few seconds. more is coming.


is the big day. Unfortunately we didn't have time to break 2-2k nor time to even play.. Neans is pretty overwhelmed with studies, and me well my mom is not feeling okay. I am worried about her. 2 more weeks since the hospital analyzes her samples..
just worried..dammit.

4.1 - Pvp oriented, detailed class review

Blood DKs: Feels like they are gonna be a heavy hitter tank specs, with nice health regenation and defensive abilities. Many %based damage reduction. Death Strike heals upon the amount of preceding attacks in the last 5 secs (min 10% healing of hp), Dancing R weapon also gives 20% extra parry. Blood Presence is now the tanking presence.
Frost DKs:I imagine hardcore frost dks as a twohand weapon wielding class with high runic power and rune regeneration. Also they have a lot of melee haste , and upgraded damage on the new, instant Rune Strike, and Festering Strike (which extends dot durations on target).COI is now a static 60% movement speed decrease effect.
Unholy DKs:Reduced global in u. presence, increased speed by 15%.Plus damage on Plague Strike, Death Coil(:() and on all diseases in general.Very long durations on diseases too.Pretty much dot and Death Coil based attacks, also there is a stackin 10% pet damage buffs up to 5 stacks, where it can be transformed into a Monstrosity. This mutation causes the pet to be able stun for 4 secs, interrupt spellcasts also immobilizing targets.

Glyphs to look out for:
Strangulate: 2 more seconds on the silence effect
Pillar of Frost : persisting pvp trinket effect while rooted in place. can and will Death Coil

Balance Druids: Starsurge with spellstorm damage. No more knockdown. Reduced Innervate effect. 2 sec cyclone cast. Soothe now dispels all enrage effects on target (already macroed it).Faerie Fire now stacks up to 3. Thorns is now based on AP or SP whichever is higher, and acts like a mini retaliation.Moonfire now lasts 12 secs. Insect Swarm is now trainable.
Feral Druids:Cheap shapeshifting.Lacerate now stacks up to 3.Savage Def now procs 50% of a critical hit, def amount os up to 65% of AP from 25%.Frenzied Regen is now the last stand, can only activate it in Bear.Fero.bite now uses 35 additional energy to cause max 100% extra damage.Ravage is the new heavy hitter with 550% damage done up from 385%.Enrage now increases 10% incoming physical dmg done while active. Demo roar now decreases dmg done of enemy targets by 10%.Maul has a 3 sec cd, with a 30 rage requirement.Bear form now somewhat weaker form, but can be talented to decrease dmg by 12%. Also uses agility now as AP.Skull bash is here with a 5 sec interrupt effect.Improved Ambush talent for Ravage when target is at or above 80% health(ravage+garrote->kidney 2v2's).Survival Instincts now a mini pain suppression by decreasing dmg 60%. We all have to get used to it, activating it BEFORE the pain comes(practice a lot!).Every hot and dot is now capable of critting, just a reminder.
Restoration: Omen of Clarity now passive(if specced as feral, also can proc from auto attacks).Nourish now is a 3 sec cast.LB can only be active on one target at a time.Abolish poison and Remove curse is gone, there is now Remove Corruption(removing one poison, one curse at once).Regrowth now a 1.5 sec cast with a 6 sec hot. Rejuv now a 12 sec hot.Mark of the Wild now increases strength agi stamina and intellect by 5%.Natural Perfection no longer decreases incoming damage by 12%, it now casts Rejuv on you automatically(lol bad).Barkskin is now an aura.Can now talent into magic dispels.

Interesting glyphs:
Root: Instant with a 5 sec cd
Maul: mini cleave
Feral Charge: -2 secs on bear, -1sec on catcharge

Beast Master hunters: No more mana usage, instead focus.Intimidating stun is now instant.Pet Kill command is now based on per happiness and RAP(heavy).6 sec cd.Widow shot, is now a new, poison based mini mortal strike, reducing healing on target by 25%.No more crowd control immunity on Beast within.When dmgd stacking cd reduce effects on disengage and on deterrence.Aimed shot now a 3 sec cast, no longer decreases healing done.10 sec cd on Kill shot(double kill shot from talents).
Marksmanship hunters: Volley is gone.Multishot comeback.Arcane shot has no more cd, only 25 focus cost.Chimera show now only affects serpent sting, and heals for % of hp. Silencing shot no longer deals dmg, but interrupts and silences for 3 secs.Careful aim is like an improved ambush effect for steady cobra and aimed shots when target is at or above 80% hp.There will be much more steady shot usage.30% speed increase after each disengage(+master's call=op).
Survival hunters: Traps are for 1 min. Trap launcher and Scatter Shot is now baseline skill.Black arrow is now top tier dot skill.Toxilogy increases serpent and black arrow dmg done by 100%.
Pet skills:
Core hound: bloodlust
Spirit Beast: healing
Devilsaur: mini mortal strike for 8 secs.
Moth: Spell interrupt

Interesting glyphs:
Deterrence, disengage glyphs
Freezing trap 70% movement snare for 4 secs
Master's call another 4 secs of movement impairing immunity

Arcane mages: 12 sec cd on mana shield. mage armor regens mana.improved blink gives a 70% speed increase for 3 secs(yuck).improved polymorph-damage on polyed targets will also stun for 3 secs.
Fire mages: Molten armor enables casting of scorch while moving.Living bomb no longer explodes on dispel, has a 3 target limit.intsant pyroblast hurts.combustion now deals the same damage you dot effects and applies another dot.blast wave is now castable on the ground, applies a 70% slow effect.no more disarm.cauterize is a cheat death, which brings you to 40% of hp which is slowly decaying away for 6 seconds.
Frost mages: shatter, quick lethal frostbolts.same-o same-o.minor mortal effect.

interesting glyphs:
mirror images: they now cast arcane or fire spells dependant on the spec of the mage

holy paladins: holy wrath now damages all targets in 10 yards.exorcism is now spammable damage spell.holyshock is baseline.sacred shield is gone.holyshock gives 30% spell haste and 4 sec 60% movement increase.
Prot paladins: divine shield now lasts for 8 secs. protection now lasts for 10 seconds. divine protection now reduces dmg by 20% and no longer applies a forbearance effect.
ret paladins: avenging wrath is now usable anytime.rebuke spell interrupt for 4 secs.

shadow priests(no disc or holy review):no more dmg when dispelling vampiric touch, instead there a mini aoe horror effect around the target.crit mind blast immobilizes for 4 secs.mini mortal on MB.

assasination rogues: ambush doesnt need daggers to be usable(tho more damage if using one) +20 energy +15%dmg for assas. rogues.garrote now silences for 3 secs(+2 with glyph).eviscerate now uses 45% of AP instead of 15%.backstab on targets under 35% regenerates 30 energy.CB now regens 25 energy too.vendetta adds 20% dmg on target, who cannot stealth or go invis in front of the rogue.venomous posionpoisons give energy back and deal additional poison dmg on poison afflicted, garrote or rupture ticks.
Combat rogues: sprint 1 min cd. recuperate healing regen for rogues.shiv dispels enrage effects. kick now has a 15 energy cost.
subtetly rogues: finishing moves deal 20% increased dmg.vanish cant be broken now for 3 secs.insane sinergy with ferals. 5% crit aura, more damage on bleeding targets. also has its own bleeds now, even hemo glyph applies a 24 sec mini bleed. 10 secs increased dmg after stealth, 10 secs 50 armor bypass after stealth breaking with garrote ambush CS. recuperate can restore 12 energy with every tick if talented.

arms warriors: mortal strike is baseline. arms warriors can reapply hamstring to proc improved hamstring effect.knockdown is a 45 sec cs ability, with a 5 sec stun. 6% increased healing. blizt charge stuns more targets.victory rush heals you for 20% hp.
fury: blows that brins the warrior at or below 20% hp activates a +100% parry
effect for 8 secs.

thats it for now warlock and elemental shaman (op abominations of the patch) reviews are coming up later.

Oct 11, 2010

Blind Glyph and Recuperate

"Your Blind ability also removes all damage over time effects from the target."

You really have to think twice what and when to trinket from now on.

This ability will be available for rogues now. It will be harder, i mean really hard to kill clever rogues from now on.

Oct 10, 2010


Swifty's new video over at WCM shows the 4.1 patched class burst capabilities.
At first glance i'd say destro - demon locks, elem shamans and fire-frost-arcane mages will be very very scary and dangerous.


Still experimenting with some encoding options. Quality options are as high as (in)humanly possible. I am constantly increasing b i and p frame count, also sharpness and deblocking strength. 3 core CPU usage is well above 92% during encoding lol.
Vid duration is planned to be around 10-12 minutes as of now. If reception is good I may finish HTF4 around January-February too.

Patch 4.0.1
I'm not very good with dps theory numbers, but from what i've seen, our dps will be reduced in the upcoming patch. Spell dmg will be out of hands (even more) and many of the melee classes will have a hard time to enjoy the game until cataclysm.